January 4, 2017

- WARNING! This is a sensitive content. Any materials used and written in this article is without the intention of hurting and/ offending any beliefs, religions or any principles. -

Conscience is an acting guide to the rightness or wrongness of one's behavior whereas faith is an embodiment and a doctrine for that. Our chosen religion acts as a developer of our conscience, but what happens when religion crosses our own conscience? Do we choose something that we are told to believe over something that is already within us?

I happened to stumble upon a youtube video of a 911 dispatch call coming from inside the twin tower when 9/11 occurred. I was only 6 when the tragedy striked and knew nothing about it at that time. This video of Kevin Cosgrove calling from the 105th floor of the South Tower shook me beyond belief. The recording of Cosgrove's 911 call was disturbing, especially at the end, when his shouting cry "Oh God! Oh!" accompanied the downfall of the tower. The silence after was unbearable. It got me into thinking; if conscience were to present, this tragedy would not even occurred in the first place. 

Scientists believe that a baby is born with a conscience and sets of moral values, which then to be developed by the surrounding people, customs and eventually religion. Faith, in this matter, teaches us how to operate better with our conscience. The purpose of religion stands on how the calling and the movement in our heart is to be steered and sharpen with the knowledge and faith over the religion's embodiment. It is critical that every individual's interpretation of what is good and what is wrong is guided by the teaching and a subject that knows better. 

Every religions teach their followers good. Every faith leads us to better understanding to what is right and what is not. However, there come times when faith-conscience wins over the self-conscience. It is when one's nature and one's behavior are guided solely on what they believe and whatever good and bad that comes with it. They forgot what they are born with. It is fortunate if those faith are well-interpreted, but what happen when it isn't? It is when killing, terror and anarchy are justified. It is when the line of compassion, empathy and basic understanding is blurred and will eventually dissolve. It is when people justify their wrongness in the name of faith. It is when their self-conscience no longer works. It is when they finally lose their humanity.

Faith, religion and conscience work side by side. They support and lift each other. Even when one portion of them fails, there must always be the self-conscience left, the very thing that makes us HUMAN. Thus saying, a good faith should improve one's conscience, not destroy it.
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