October 13, 2016

Two thousand and sixteenth's working class is currently dominated by Generation Y and soon enough will be taken over by the more-advanced and tech-savvy Generation Z. Most of the Generation X has condemned the Generation Y to be one of the most regrettable recruitees, judged solely by the generation they grew up in. The very same thing also felt by the early-born of Generation Y, whose opinions are now unison; 90s kids are the worst. This whole post is dedicated to answer the "Why?" you are currently placing at the tip of your tongue.

I am one of the late-born Generation Y, born in 1995, so close to the Generation Z that I could be as tech-savvy as they are but too far from the early-born Generation Y to understand their concern. Unfortunately, I do understand. Some of my friends told me that I look 21 but I sound 31, thus resulting in me having a lot of early-born Generation Y friends. I have had few talks with them, most of them are already settled in their chosen careers, and suprsingly enough, they agreed on one simple problem : people at my age are a pain in the ass. Why, you must ask. I've summarised enough for those at my age to learn and those early-born Generation Y employers to nod in agreement.

The key problems to be discussed here are that (some) 90s generation kids are lacking in manner, integrity and common sense. Note when I said that only SOME of these 90s generations kids are just that. From what I have gathered, here are 10 key points that need to be disclosed even further :

1. 90s kids act like they are the boss. Even act beyond their own boss. My friend, an entrepreneur herself, told me that one of her subs, born in the year 1993, gave her a year-worth timetable with proposed dates as to mark her future leave of absence. The days off, which under the company regulation are supposed to worth 14 working days, are exceeded by 10 days. How bold!

2. Their boss is a joke for them. Especially if their boss is tech-blind. Once again, lack of common sense over the fact that their boss did not born in the age of technology or at least when the technology was still at its early stage. 

3. For those bosses out there, do no try to befriend your subs, especially these 90s generation subs. Their respect is only derived from when you are acting authoritative. They are no longer able to differentiate between fear or respect in their mind, thus having them as your friends will only lower your position in the organisational structure, especially when you are still young yourself.

4. Their personal matter, judgement and decision are far more important than their bosses'. Thus, the saying that "Treat your boss as your king," is no longer applicable for this decaying generation.

5. They often neglect the simplest manners there are, such as coming in before the boss do, the etiquette of emailing to their boss, etc.

6. They are very persistent that their social life and social acknowledgement are above everything. This, of course, affects their commitment to their jobs, even worse if they are representing their company's image. They would not even think to put a hold on their social life, but they would go unnoticed if they are needed at work. 

7. The common understanding of more technicality and more difficulty equal better salary is drifting in their mind, until it becomes more work equals more salary, thus being a staff should get paid more than the boss. How incredibly funny.

8. Sweet-talk are no longer from the subs to their bosses, but the contrary. One of my friends even said, "It's like comforting a kid." How ironic.

9. They often can not work under pressure and with difficult people, thus resulting in higher rate on employee turnover. And the scrambled resume of one's own. 

10. They treat their company like it is their house. Not home. House. A house where they could come and go as they please, dress the way the want to dress, think that everyone ought to understand them. 

Last but not least, I am not saying that all of 90s kids are just that. Some are actually pretty capable of what they are doing and are fantastic in their jobs. Some may not actually realise that they do some of the things mentioned above. Here is a reminder : your boss, I don't care if s/he is dumber than you are or even annoying as hell, just do what you are told to do, as long as it fits your job description, fits your capabilities and fits you sanity. Salary may follow afterwards.

Cheers from the old soul!
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