October 21, 2016

I have been driving for almost 2 years now, a newbie. I was taught by my father whom I considered to be a very polite driver (not a single scratch on his 5-year-old car!). I have experienced quite a few episodes on road as well as plenty of road rages and cursing, mainly because of the staggering amount of rude and inconsiderate drivers, either of cars and/ motorcycles. Based on those very 'observations', I've concluded plenty of driving etiquette all people with common sense and common courtesy should understand then implement in real life. Here we go.

1. Always, ALWAYS use the turn signal. You want to change lane? Use the turn signal. You want to turn? Use the turn signal, hence the name. You see something blocking your way ahead and you want to avoid it? Use the turn signal, mainly to notify the cars behind. You want to overtake the car(s) in front of you by swerving to the side/opposite lane? Use the turn signal to notify the cars ahead and the cars behind. DO NOT turn your signal on AFTER you had successfully changed lane/turned to your chosen direction; you are stupid if you do that.

2. Do no tailgate. It is rude and it is dangerous, especially when you can't maintain your pace. You are also exposed to a higher risk if the car in front of you suddenly brake.

3. You're in the fast lane? Go fast.

4. ALWAYS use your rearview mirror before you make any decision, either turning, stopping, changing lane, ANY DECISION.

5. If you are turning, make it as narrow as possible; do not take up too much lane, especially the lane that is not yours.

6. Do not slam on your brake. If you are going to stop unexpectedly, always make time to turn the hazard light on.

7. In 4-way intersections, if you are going straight, use your hazard light and always stop on the middle, not left nor right. Do not block the intersections.

8. If someone honks/flashes his/her headlights, it means s/he is ASKING for a way, not GIVING you a way. 

9. Do not overtake at the junction. Do not overtake then slow down. If you want to overtake, go fast, do not drive at the same pace as the car you are taking over. When a car wants to overtake you and you are on their way, move to the side a little. Do not speed up when you are being passed.

10. Do not text and drive slow. You are blocking everyone's way.

11. Do not drive so close to the car on the lane besides you. You don't know whether or not they are good at controlling their wheels.

12. Do not daydream when the light has already turned green.

13. Do not do this : on an intersection, the car ahead of you is still quite far away yet you don't go in, but when the car is closing in, you go in. Fck you.

14. Give way. The car on the opposite lane is asking for a way to turn and cars are already forming a queue behind it? Give way. The car ahead of you got stuck or took a wrong lane and is forcing to get in your lane? Give way.

15. Do not cut right in front of the car closing in behind you; they may not be able to brake on time if anything happens. Always close in to the car ahead, so if anything fails, you are in control of your own vehicle, not others. 

16. If you are searching for some places and is forced to go slow, use turn signal/hazard light. Do not slow down abruptly. 

17. There is a red light ahead. Do not brake too quickly, otherwise you are forced to brake simultaneously, therefore making it hard for the cars behind you on deciding whether or not you are actually braking. Do not cut the queue up front; it's fucking dangerous and you are also blocking the way. 

18. You want to make a turn and the intersection is still far ahead and you need to change lane? There's still plenty of time to do that! Cut your way in slowly, not abruptly. Do not cut 3 lines in a swift.

19. You want to make a turn and there are cars driving in line. The best way to cut in is to wait until the line is diminished. Don't be ridiculous by cutting the last car when you know there won't be any car following it. 

20. Do not make left turn from the right lane and vice versa. Choose your lane wisely. If you can't make it, you can always use the u-turn.

21. Do not make a complete stop before making a turn when there is plenty of space ahead. 

22. You can't see a thing beyond? Honk.

23. Do not change lane in slow moving traffic. If a car wants to cut in in slow moving traffic, give way. Don't be an idiot.

24. Do not stop at the end of the ramp/cramping the red light. Merge with the flow. There will always be plenty of lane left ahead for you to cut in/merge in.

25. If you want to cut in, wait until the traffic is moving then slowly go in. Do not stop and block cars from your original lane.

26. Cars stay on the lanes reserved for cars. So do motorcycles. So do bicycles.

27. Be wise on honking and flashing your headlights.

28. When parking, do not take more than one space. Park straight. Do not park so close to the car beside you when there's plenty of space left on your side. Stay on the reserved parking line. 

So there you go. Please, any of you, under any circumstances, do not do any of those following. Be smart, be thoughtful, be safe, have manner, respect others.
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