May 24, 2016

“Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use.” - Emily Post

Mid-2016, a time when the world has become overpopulated with ill-mannered and selfish people. The only thing they care about is themselves. Bold that, underline that. They don't care about how they get to something, as long as they get it. This type of breed are the ones whose brains are consumed with ignorance, stupidity and zero level of conscience. I'm not gonna blame on their family, nor their culture, nor the modernisation itself. I'm gonna blame on their conscience and common courtesy, which are the very basics of being human.
Here are my lists on VERY BASIC manners most people forgot nowadays :

Do not touch, take, borrow, and/ use someone's stuff without their permission. Ask. Then leave thing the way it was.

Do not browse through someone's phone without their permission. Especially their chats.

Always, ALWAYS, flush the toilet.

And do not leave the hose open.

Do NOT take your time at the bathroom stall. I don't care if you're a girl. People are waiting.

Do not interrupt when someone else's talking. Say "excuse me" if it's urgent.

Always say, "I gotta take this call," before taking a phone call in the middle of something.

Always say, "Excuse me" before leaving the table to attend something.

Understand table manner. Fork and spoon face down after finished eating. Take your dirty dishes to the host's kitchen and offer to help cleaning them.

Always hold the elevator door open for others. And let people out first. Do not squeeze in.

Text your acquaintances if you're gonna be late. It only takes seconds to text.

Do not walk like you own the path. Give way.

Do not take someone's food without their permission. Especially using a used spoon/fork.

Do not copy someone's work without their permission. Ask. Give credits.

Do not seat on an empty chair without a permission. Nor take one without any.

Do not cut a line. Same goes to reserving a spot for your friend in a godamn line.

Headphones on means no talking. Poke if it's urgent.

Do not press your lips on the bottle's lip if you ask someone to share their drink.

Always take a good care of borrowed stuffs. And reasonable period of borrowing is a must.

Always, ALWAYS, use turn signals when changing lanes.

Do not takeover then slow down right after. Wtf is your point.

Do not leave the door/cupboard open. Just don't.

Do not pull up to the exit gate if you haven't prepared your ticket and money on hand. Again, people are waiting.

Control your kids. Take your kids to somewhere quiet if they start screaming and/ crying. Especially at cinema.

Do not eat smelly foods at cinema. Or taking calls. Or playing with phones. And other cinema's etiquettes I compiled years ago here.

When you bump into someone, always say, "Sorry" or "Excuse Me". Do not swear.

Do not chew, cough, and sneeze with your mouth wide open. It's disgusting.

Tone down your voice when you're in an indoor place, like a restaurant or a library.

Always knock before entering. Any kind of places.

Do not reach/spread thing across someone's face. Ask them to pass it on to you.

Do not stare at people. Widely. It's creepy and downright rude.

Do not block someone's view. Like in a store's display or in a group photo.

Park your car precisely. Do not take 2 spaces or closing in to another car when the other side is wide open.

Take off your shoes whenever entering someone's home. If they tell you to wear it, then you can wear it. But you must always take it off first.

Always, ALWAYS, stand up when greeting someone

Give your seat to someone's older, sick or pregnant. It's the right thing to do.

Do not stop after stepping off of the escalator. Someone might trip!

Always know your place. Everywhere. Do not cross the line.

There you have it. How many manners have you consciously implemented in your daily life? If your answer is less than 10, let me tell you something :

"You are just a tiny dot in a full-drawn picture called society. Stop being a pr!ck!"
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