February 7, 2016

-- WARNING! This post may be very offensive to some. Read it with an open mind --.

Terms 1 : It’s not OK for you to come at 8pm for a 6pm event. You’re not Beyonce.
Tardiness. I’m literally flipping through my Merriam-Webster to give you its definition, because some people are so full of themselves they don’t even know such word exists. Here it is : “the quality or state of being late”. In some culture, like mine, tardiness is a way of life. It’s normal for people to invite others at 6pm for a 7pm banquet. It’s also normal for people to get ready at 6 for that very banquet. Because here’s the understanding :
  1. We invite people an hour before the actual event, in case they are late;
  2. Those invited perceive that the event will be late, for at least an hour.
What a beautiful understanding. This is what makes you people unimproved. Seriously.

In some country, like Japan or America, being late, for even 5 minutes, is considered to be disrespectful, unprofessional and unorganized. Even success depends on your punctuality. But in Indonesia, new culture evolved : you have to be late so you don’t look stupid. Even wedding has an early bird doorprize! Amazing. Just amazing.

I don’t know why it is so hard for people to come ON time. Being on time is already hard, don’t even mind asking them to properly present themselves 15 minutes before scheduled, like most decent and thoughtful human being on planet Earth do. I also don’t know why they don’t even bother to calculate the possibilities of traffic, crowded parking lot, etc etc. If it is unexpected, you could always text “Hey, I’m gonna be late. Stuck in a traffic. Be there in 10.” Or if you know you can’t make it on time, just text “I’m gonna be late. I gotta take care of some stuffs first.” It is that simple.

“It’s better to arrive late than to arrive ugly.”
That quote is BS. Seriously. Take my case. I calculate every minutes I need to get ready, from taking a bath until getting dressed. It usually takes about an hour or less. It is not that hard, people.

Waiting sucks. Don’t expect people to wait for you. You’re not the Queen of England. Karma exists. Stop being late.

Terms 2 : It’s also not OK for you to buy an expensive stuffs when you don’t even have a roof of your own.
Here’s the phase of necessity in my opinion : foods > cover ups > shelter > vehicle > luxury stuffs. Only simple-minded people change the “>” to “<”. It’s not foods < cover ups < shelter < vehicle < luxury stuffs. Smart people could differentiate between what they need and what they want. It’s economical; you have to fulfill the need to then move on to the want. But who am I to judge that you do need that expensive watch after all. Because apparently society needs you to have one.

Some people may differ in terms of setting their priorities, but I am very sure that reasonable people will choose to put their down-payment on an apartment rather than on a Rolex. These “reasonable people” I’m speaking of are those who haven’t crossed “shelter” out of the phase, so it’s not reasonable for them to cross out  “luxury stuffs” first, generally speaking. It is also not normal to spend months worth of paycheck to cover an escape to Japan when you are of age, still living under your parent’s roof and under their electricity bills. And driving their car. Get real.

Your ability on managing your assets are your very foundation on building your career, your future, your life, of which I’m about to discuss in terms 3.

Terms 3 : It’s definitely not OK for you to want a 5 digits lifestyle when yours is only 3 digits.
It is super healthy to dream big. It motivates you. It drives you. It pushes you to exceed your limits. But dreams aren’t real. Plan does.

Here’s how I decipher the term “plan” : a piece to piece foundations that build your dream(s). So, in order to achieve your dream(s), you gotta make plan(s). And this is when people start doing wrong. : You can’t plan big. You gotta start small. It’s layer after layer until it is whole. It’s like taking baby steps; you can’t just run because you will fall. You also have to remember that if you fail your plan, your dream is just a dream.

I dream big. HELLA BIG. I want a minimalist penthouse overlooking Manhattan skyline, a Publishing House of my own, and an Aston Martin Vanquish. But I also plan. I plan small. For a start, a minimalist penthouse overlooking Manhattan skyline is replaced by a shared apartment in Canada. A PH of my own is replaced by a post-graduate degree in Publishing at SFU Vancouver. A public transportation is enough to replace an Aston Martin Vanquish. But, it’s for 3 years span. After I passed all that, I need to ‘grow’ my plan. A shared apartment is replaced by a rented studio apartment, an achieved post-graduate degree in Publishing is replaced by a job at Penguin Random House Canada, a public transportation is replaced by a cheap car I can afford on my own. You see, it’s baby steps towards the big dream. You can’t just jumpstart it. For example, you want a Mercedes Benz but all you can afford now is Fiat. What’s wrong with Fiat? It also takes you to places right? Know your current capabilities and start lining your current target with that very capabilities, one step at a time. It’s like what the title is about : you can’t expect yourself to pay for a lifestyle of someone with 5 digits salary when all you got is 3 digits salary; it’s gonna torture you to death. Get real. 

 --Don’t get offended. I’m straight-forward that way. No offenses intended. --
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