September 17, 2014

I just had this small dinner talk with my parents about their experiences on treating people food and getting treated by them in return. In my parents' line of habits (which mostly are inevitably absorbed by me), we always have the same (quite bad) principle of not once having to experience eating with lack of meat, which sometimes grows more to excessive (we order 4 main courses and 2 sides for 3 empty stomachs). Supposedly, that habit was forced into them as a result of them having a rough (quite starving) childhood, so that's their payback on their protein-less and younger self I think. Judging from that very principle, we are known as a family who're quite generous in terms of treating others to food, but we are also known as a family who knows the differences between being treated and paying for ourselves. So people, may I present you types of people judging from when they are treating others to food and when they are getting treated food by others :

#1 The menu takeover. This type is quite rare, marked by their authority on ordering foods for whomever they treat. By doing so, it could save them quite amount of bucks, though sometimes getting whispered about is inevitable. And oh, this type usually comes from those with higher authority in real life, such as manager, CEO, etc.
#2 The sincere payer. This type is also quite rare, marked by them, ordering their food last, so that whomever they treat will have the liberty to order whatever they want, without hesitate (though we can't object that there are those who won't hesitate regardless the circumstances). And they often ask whether or not the foods served are enough.
#3 The silent payer. This type has discreet intention of treating, mainly for the same reason as #2. This type is marked by their saying "Oh no, I'm paying this time," when the bill arrives.
#4 The stingy. This type is the most common, marked by their low intention of treating, because them, treating, is more to mandatory or obligation. This type is marked by their move on ordering the 'humblest' food on the menu before everyone orders. For the more polite move, they will declare a sign of "I'll have an ice tea first," so that people somehow clicks with their low-cost treats ahead. Or the more blatant one : "I think these are enough, aren't they?"

#1 The polite and well-mannered one. This type is DEFINITELY rare, as they will wait until the 'boss' orders and politely match the price range with his/her. If the payer is #2 type, they will follow the decency on ordering the humblest food there is. And oh, no second plate please. 
#2 The common. As what the name indicates, this type is the most common out there, marked by their choices on ordering food based on their likeness, not price. Usually, they will order light beverages, such as ice tea or bottled water.
#3 The vacuum. This type usually exists on share-table, as they usually don't offer a voice on the menu picked, but ended up eating 4 satay out of 20 on a 15-person table. 
#4 The i-will-have-one-more-of-this-please. Yes, enough said, where's the shame anyway? Have you put your manner elsewhere?
#5 The opportunity-seeker. This is the second most common type, marked by their principle on ordering the most expensive food there is as a justification that they are being treated. "It's an opportunity anyway, right?"

So people, which one are you?
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