September 26, 2014

I'm quite sure some of you have got tagged by your friends to do this #20FactsAboutMe challenge. Well, so did I. And honestly, I actually did it on Instagram but I deleted it because I thought Instagram wasn't the place for doing so. Until then I was browsing randomly and visited Elbert Reyner's blog and there was it, another challenge, this time from Mr. Cinephile himself, on blog. So, I took the liberty upon myself to elaborate each and every one of the facts mentioned until you get sick of me! ;)

1. I'm 5'11". I am not a model and I can't play basketball. I do swim, but not professionally. And no, my parents aren't that tall. And I do own couple pairs of heels.

2. I have this indescribable interest in conceptual and graphic design but I ended up in accounting due to some considerations. 

3. I don't enjoy k-pop or classic. In fact, I love EDM.

4. Movies and books are my biggest distractions, my biggest joy in the world. I mostly read english fiction and I enjoy classic literature a lot. And I'm not scared of horror/thriller movies, in fact, I love it.

5. I have this thing with coffee and tabasco. It's Starbucks's venti caffe latte extra hot non fat no foam and tabasco on a pasta for me. 

6. I'm quite demanding, an OCD and a total perfectionist. I do planning, I make guidelines and I pay tons of attentions to details.

7. I'm snarky and it shows in my writing.

8. I can't write in Bahasa. I always have that 'propping' feeling whenever I create a sentence and it always ends awkwardly. 

9. I only have one doll and it's a B-Duck doll which I bought for myself. Named Popol. I have no idea what it means.

10. I drive shift-stick.

11. I do my best to keep everything simple and neat I tend to delete all the texts and/chats + photos after using it, so I only have like 10 photos in my phone's gallery.

12. I don't have any Facebook account. I did have 3 but I deleted it months ago due to some privacy consideration.

13. I always carry around tissue, wet tissue, hand sanitizer, a headset and a comb with me. I will go cranky if I forget to bring some of them. I also can't leave the house without a wrist-watch on.

14. I'm an introvert, an anti-social and an individual person. I like to work with myself rather than to work in a team though I will use my leadership skill when in need. And I always find it awkward to smile to new people.

15. I can't stand procastinator, latecomer, slobby and fat-witted people. I always am impatient of dealing with those types of people, especially when I'm the type of person who tries my best to finish everything right after it is assigned to me. As a result, I usually act mean towards them (hehehe).

16. I hate insect of any kind.

17. I don't like wearing shorts; I prefer pants. I also don't like wearing no-sleeve dresses/tops. 

18. Me, wearing make-up, can also be translated as foundation on, powder on, eyeliner on, and done. And oh, my hair can't be curled. And I also spend 15 minutes everyday to hair-dry my hair.

19. My long-life dream and goals will always be owning a Ferrari and a penthouse in Manhattan.

20. I can't eat rice. No matter how big the portion is, I always ends up hungry just an hour later. I also don't eat too many sweets; I prefer mint and everything spicy.

Two more things (ups) : I collect paper bags from various stores and I love black.

So, those are my facts. What are yours? 
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