August 18, 2014

The sole reason I bought the first book was that I love Kurt Hummel and the guy who played him happens to write a fiction book out of Brothers Grimm's classic tales. And boy did I regret nothing. I was truly amazed by how profound Colfer's imagination is; he twists each and every characters in the fairytales we know and connects them all in one big link called Bailey Twins, all without losing the true tales. With that very reason, I was very excited to read the third book and finished it within 8 hours. So, how is it?

Conner is now 14-year-old and is planning a school trip to Germany with his newlyfound crush Bree, to discover three unrevealed stories left by the infamous Brothers Grimm. On the other dimension, Alex is preparing herself to attend Fairy Inaugural Ball in her honour, as a way to introduce her to the people (and creatures) of Land of Stories and to prove herself worthy of the seat in the Fairy Council. Everything happens to be allright, until Conner discovers a hidden warning left by Brothers Grimm in one of their unrevealed stories. It is said that a medieval French army led by General Marquis is approaching Land of Stories in purpose of conquering it. Long story short, the army was purposedly "misdirected" by Mother Goose as she sent them off into a secret portal which spans to 200 years until the army arrived at the Land of Stories. Fortunately, the portal was closed by Fairy Godmother. Unfortunately though, the recent weakening of her condition may have just wore the spell off. By that awareness, Mother Goose then contacts Conner in the Otherworld, asking him to check if the portal still closed. With the help of his friend Bree, Conner then once again go on a journey in such dilemma; if the portal indeed is open again, he could reunite with his sister, but if so, the Land of Stories will be in great danger.

As the two first books focus more on Alex and Conner, I am glad that the third one develops even more, making all the fairytale people and creatures felt more realistic and alive, like you can really connect to them. In the third book, changes happen everywhere as everyone continues to live their life after the portal between two worlds is closed. There's a lot of going on within a blink; details and twists everywhere, all tied up in one big red line led to one big twist in the cliffhanger end (yes, cliffhanger). I am glad that Colfer presents more character developments and additional backstories in this book, though some still are underused. And new adventure in new places, such as Germany and London; I pretty much drown into it, Percy Jackson-like. And praise Colfer for finally bringing a real romance in the installment; the twins are now having crushes! And I have to say that Bree is a nice addition to it, though her character is kinda swept off in the half-end.

Finally said, Land of Stories : A Grimm Warning is an incredible imagination with excessive amount of twists presented in one thick bundle of classic turn. I seriously recommend you to read the entire series because I had so much fun throughout. And of course, I will be patiently waiting for the fourth book to come out next year.

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