August 23, 2014

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In debating and/arguing, there's an art of throwing facts from one opponent to another. The facts, however, can only be delivered well if the speaker understands the art of delivering so, because the slightest mistake can turn the event ugly. There're some minor details that give big impacts in terms of differentiating whether you are stating the facts or that you are insisting your facts. Winning or losing might be affected by knowing so.

#1 In terms of delivering the facts, those who state usually look calm and collected, whereas those who insist are often stubborn and coercive.

#2 When it comes to the opponents, their move against those who state will always be deny, deny, deny until they proclaim themselves wrong (cornered). But against those who insist, the opponents will continue to "agree" to whatever the facts thrown at them, because they know there's no point in denying.

#3 Those who state often deliver the core, the truth. On the other hand, those who insist only deliver personal ideology which they subjectively force into people in general.

#4 Those who state seem witty and those who insist seem ... idiotic in the eyes of their opponents.

#5 In terms of delivering style, those who state won't look down on you in any ways, when those who insist do just the opposite.

#6 Those who state won't think that they're the most righteous ones, because what they deliver is the truth. But for those who insist, they actually do feel like they're the most righteous ones, though often they are not.

#7 Those who state often receive an awe, a respect and an understanding between them and the opponents. Those who insist often receive a scold, a laugh at, and usually the even turns into one heck of a mess.

So, judging from the points I've elaborated above, which one are you?
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