August 12, 2014

"A collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending a state of equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women."
That, feminism, as what Wikipedia described it. The word feminisim itself has undergone a lot of interpretations and sometimes can cause quite an issue. Feminism is also mistaken (a lot) as women's way to get out of problems, and also, being weak. Feminism can work both ways, either as a positive movement or the other way around, depending on how society choose to see it and who act upon it. I am not a feminist myself; I think that those feminists who protest and demand their rights with nudity are (no offense) ridiculous. And for men who think that feminism has found its way to strip their rights : utterly wrong. So, let me break to you the things that women really demand from the society :

#1 Women are not (all) a bad driver. Women aren't naturally skilfull at technical thinking and men are. In terms of driving, technical skill is a basic thing needed and yes, men are good at it, but that doesn't mean all the women are bad at driving because sometimes some men can be worse. So quit the saying of "That must be a woman driving!" whenever someone cuts you off in the street.

#2 Women belong in the kitchen. Not true. I can only roll sushi and Gordon Ramsay has 14 Michelin stars. So quite the saying of, "What? You can't cook? But you're a woman!"

#3 Women are bad at making decisions because women are too emotional. Not always. It's true that a good decision requires no heart, which the thing women often think based on, but remember, women can be more rational heartless.

#4 Women aren't fit to lead. Have you heard about Hillary Clinton? Megawati Soekarnoputri? Her Majesty The Queen? Enough said.

#5 Women's opinions are always second. Have you heard your own ego? Does it really speak the truth? If yes, continue. If not, go ahead, make a statement.

#6 Women don't need to be that educated. Why? Because we don't need knowledge to work because we will have a husband to provide us when we become a housewife? Drop it. Observe your school rank tomorrow; how many men are in? So, quit the saying "Chill, your boyfriend will pay for your expenses." whenever we say that we are broke or "You're lucky you're a woman; you can always marry the rich." whenever we talk about the career opportunity.

#7 Women should take care of the kids because men's number one is work. Hmmm, have you seen your calendar? It's 2014. Women work alongside men. And the sitter replaces women's duty by day and women replace the sitter's duty by night. We do double job. See?

Those are just few examples with 60% subjective opinion added. But for the record, we do drop feminism in these special cases :

#1 We sometimes like men to hold our groceries. Yes, because it's heavy. And yes, it's nice to be taken care of.

#2 We don't mind men to hold the door open for us. It's not about feminism anyway; it's common courtesy. We can do the same to men because it's a decent thing to do.

#3 We like our partner to drag the chair for us to sit on. Because it's romantic. Enough said.

So, that's my opinion and view on feminism. And I'm not sorry for being a woman. 
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