July 17, 2014

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Hi there. First to say, I'm sorry because I left this blog for quite some time due to my unpredictable schedule. Fortunately, I'm on my holiday now, so I took the liberty to redeem myself and you all. As you MUST have noticed, there're some major changes happening on this blog. Junebug has undergone a lot of changes, but dare I must say that this one was the greatest.

Having to alter this blog in such ways gave me lots of excitement (as well as the 4-hour staring at the CSS codes), in which I will channel into my post and make it even more appealing to the readers. There'll be more changes coming on review -both books and movies- sections, but below I'll explain to you the transformation Junebug had :
1) I've always wanted a fixed navigation bar on my blog, and I did get one! Though my top choice was the search bar and the social media icons to be placed on it as well, with dropdown categories tab, but it's only version 2.0 (1.0 refers to past changes), so it's OK. I'll get it advanced somehow, soon
2) Junebug has no specific logo/font, so I took the liberty to change the banner and favicon (the image appears on your status bar, the "J" one) however and whatever I want them to be
3) Trying to match the new cleaner and minimalistic template, I've changed the base text color into grey-ish, not black like the usual
4) New back to top button on the bottom right. How do you like its simplicity?
5) New tags, no more heart symbol following it
6) I've removed a lot of gadgets and unappealing ads so that the sidebar won't get cramped
7) Edited contents on About, FAQ, and Advertise
8) Last but not least, which is considered as the biggest change was that I deleted my old posts as a consideration to having new tags and make this blog easier to manage

There'll be more posts coming, but the biggest Q is, how do you like the transformation?

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