There's this popular saying : "Ask, so that you won't get lost." I'm not completely against it; God gifted us a mouth to ask and to answer, ears to listen and a brain to process. And in order to do that, you have to interact with other people; it's like a nature of giving and taking, asking and answering, getting understanding and gaining good deeds. There's a curiosity in asking and there's a knowledge in answering; both work in ways to achieve a comprehensive law of nature. Unfortunately, so-called human error happens sometimes, and in terms of asking, things are often considered to be pretty ugly in just one side. Let me tell you why ....

ps : this essay may be very offensive to some, especially those who were in liberty to do so towards me, but then again, I'm not sorry for being an honest human being
# "What's that?"
   "It's this thing called blablabla ... get it?"
    "No. Tell me again?" / "No. Whatever."
FOR THOSE WHO ANSWER : Heeyy, it's fine to ask. It's even better to give an answer; you can look very knowledgeable and wise per se. Doesn't matter if the opponent don't even get what you have just elaborated; it makes you look cool somehow, and they, well .. (sorry) dumb, so yeah, explain more if you want. It's also fine if the opponent don't even care. But then, why bother asking in the first place? Right, RIGHT??! :)

FOR THOSE WHO ASK : All I am saying is this : this person tries their best to get you understand the thing you've just asked about, out of your own curiosity. But remember this : if you don't get it, DON'T YOU EVER DARE TO ASK MORE ABOUT IT, that unless you are genuinely interested in it. Leave it if you don't even care; change the subject. Because this is not a debate club.

# "Could you tell me how to blablabla."
   "Sure. You can just blablabla."
   "But, how is that possible?"
FOR THOSE WHO ANSWER : Just fucking leave it.
FOR THOSE WHO ASK : You know what, they already are WILLING to answer, to tell you how, and you ask them out of their experience, so it's a FACT that they know what they are talking about. Take it. Swallow it. If you have your doubts, get your lazy thumbs to your smartphone or laptop and fucking GOOGLE it.

# "Hey, you mind telling me about this thing blablabla?"
   "No. Google it."
   "But I am lazy to do so."
FOR THOSE WHO ANSWER : And I am lazy to deal with a numbhead like you, sweeatheart.
FOR THOSE WHO ASK : Oh yeah? But you're not lazy to ask, eh?

# "Blablabla so blablabla."
   "What the fuck are you talking about?!"
   "No, tell me about it."
   "So this blablabla that blablabla."
   "Dude, whatever."
FOR THOSE WHO ANSWER : You shouldn't have talked to a moron.  It's your own fault.
FOR THOSE WHO ASK : Again, if you are not interested, don't ask.

Those were just few examples; I bet some of you have experienced more. I am not writing this essay out of superiority nor snobbery, no. I am a curious person and I demand myself to know (almost) everything about and that is happening in this world. I am a self-taught; I click buttons randomly, I teach myself how to do things, and the most important of all I READ AND I GOOGLE (because things that don't exist on Google simply don't exist in real world). And I fucking try. I am not a fan of instant-anything; I don't demand answers to just appear in front of my face and then study it. I don't want people to be bothered or even look down on me. I am a prideful human being and for that very reason I try my best to provide and to teach myself, no matter how the consequences and what damages it might cause. If I stuck, I will ask, but that doesn't happen often. Because honey, saying too many 5W + 1H will just lower your ingenuity level.

But Lena, people are different. I know and I'm well aware of that. I know those type of people who just want answers without throwing any efforts to get some. And those type who avoid discovery and/ experiment. "What's the point of trying if there are parties who will gladly provide?", they often say. Here, let me state my opinion clearly : TRY BEFORE ASKING. READ, LEARN, GOOGLE BEFORE ASKING. Guidance can be found easily everywhere without having to annoy some people. There. SELF-TAUGHT IS A FORM OF INDEPENDENCE ONE MUST OWN, EVEN THE LITTLEST AMOUNT OF IT.

So, here's my advice to those who often (annoyingly) ask : God created mouth for you to ask, but he also gave you a brain, a mind to discover, to learn, and to find. You can ask so that you won't get lost, but before that, try TRYING. Clicking Photoshop buttons randomly won't harm your laptop, trust me. Read more, watch more, listen more, google more, youtube more. Pay attention to the surroundings, cause you might add some wits to your self.

And my advice to those who often answer (and getting annoyed by) : Try to provide and to answer your best. It's a good deed to share your knowledge to others. There's nothing wrong in giving, especially if that gift resulting a clarity to others.

So yeah, which one are you?


  1. It's hard because we live in a culture that was born out of valuing collectivism. There are too many people who take advantage of that bond and closeness that we feed our personal curiosity by leeching off other people's energy. But in general, conversations these days are far less meaningful than they used to, just because our attention is everywhere but here. I guess people no longer credit enough a value to others when it comes to their willingness to ask questions and answer problems. Behind the whys and the hows and the explanations there's care and concern - who would notice that these days?

    Also, I think your essay speaks for the idiom that says empty cans make the most noise. hehe

    1. I agree. Curiosity doesn't mean anything these days; people will just follow whatever it is served in their face. As for valuing those who provide the answers as well as those who ask, it's true that no one cares anymore, but somehow this kind of relationship sticks and become even more general, that's why the bond doesn't really matter anymore. Haha I agree; empty cans make the most noise. Thank you for dropping by, Stacia. Love receiving thoughtful comment like yours!


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