February 16, 2014

"You're only a monster if you behave like one."
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is just sooooo popular that everyone seems to have a theory that everything involving the infamous character would grant truckload of dimes. At least that was director-screenwriter Stuart Beattie thought, by making a spin-off based on Kevin Grevioux's graphic novel, in Underworld style; gothic-like battle between so called descending demons and ascending Gargoyles. And with 3D conversion, plastered on IMAX 3D big screen. I wasn't expecting anything; in fact, the early reviews and rates kinda lowered my intention to even watch it. But I did. So, how was it?

200 years after getting buried alive by his own creator and being saved by (the good) Gargoyle's Queen Leonore (Miranda Otto), Frankenstein's living monster, whom we knew as (Leonore's boring given name) Adam (Aaron Eckhart) was in pursue of demons who were under the reign of evil Prince Naberius (Bill Nighy). Adam wasn't taking side; he chased and killed demons because they chased him, per se. But then, problem arose, as Dr. Frankenstein's journal was in fact being targetted by Naberius after long-failure of getting a hold on Adam. Feeling connected to the journal ( "... I need to know who I am .." and stuff), Adam was being possessive, until he came to a theory that he must fight with the Gargoyles, for human's sake. Long story short, he then discovered (now looking dapper) Naberius' big and diabolical plan and that he must save the pretty scientist Terra (Yvonne Strahovski) who was part of the plan.

Shut down your brain. Really. The movie would get even goofier as it possibly could in the entire 92 minutes. Everything didn't make any sense, dumb, reckless, pointless. The script was weak, the plot point was fuzzy; a trip to the snooze-land. The entire movie was filled with dry humor, fat-witted dialogues and waaaayyy too much talking, topped with blaring and senseless scores. The CGI didn't even look scary; it just looked so wrong and out of place. Good thing that the set pieces and the choreography looked impressive, with an OK 3D.

They should have focused more on Adam's origin, but hey, the choosed the fire vs blue light battle over the famous, so yeah have it their way. Another thing added, viewers are not stupid; we are critical. Human didn't know about the ancient battle between demons and Gargoyles. OH REALLY? The statue giant flying to live? The descending fire and ascending blue light? The very much attention-wise Gargoyle's cathedral? And that "OH SHIT" laugh of Dr. Terra after discovering that demons did exist? IMPRESSIVE :)

I really don't want to comment on the acts because they were just too painful to root on. Even to watch. Except that carbs-free, full of stitches abs of Eckhart. And oh, Gideon's stupid smirk.

"You have a soul," said Naberius to Adam. Yes, he did, but this movie certainly DID NOT. Not recommended. Download the torrent. 

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