November 30, 2013

"Your kids are fucking dead."
From the moment one saw the poster, one could tell where would everything go in this movie. Let's talk about the poster : Jason Statham, whose patriot-wide eyes were scanning the horizon, whose jacket got US's flag literally photoshopped onto the back, all while holding his daughter and the tagline "How far would you go to protect your home?" plastered big on top (the meaning of 'home' here was vague; I was hoping that the storyline would tell me along the way, but it didn't, it only made me even more confused). Then there was James Franco, with tinier portion on the bottom, giving deadshot look and compatible hell-ish background. What could you conclude from this very poster? And we got Sylvester Stallone, who wrote the screenplay, and Gary Fleder, who directed the movie. More to it, this movie was based on a crime novel written by Chuck Logan. Two things we could best conclude from the very things shown on the poster. One, Statham meant action. Second, Stallone meant over-the-top hero formula with his signature one-against-them-all core character. Did I guess them right? Let's find out.

Phil Broker (Jason Statham) was a widower and a retired DEA agent who was famous for his success on bringing down a crystal meth motorcycle gang led by Danny T (Chuck Zito), whose son was fired 47 times because of Broker's ambush. He was living his 'normal' life in a small town in Louisiana with his 10-year-old daughter, Maddy (Izabela Vidovic) and was trying to keep him and his daughter under the radar of Danny T (that son of his, a cause of vengeance all right, but under the radar your arse as Broker continuously beat people up and kept his so-called sealed records in boxes in his basement). Everything seemed to be going on just right, well ... not until Maddy punched a bully, whose mother Cassie (Kate Bosworth) didn't take it well. Cassie then told her husband, Jimmy (Marcus Hester) to confront Broker, but ended up getting beaten hard instead. Cassie was pissed, resulting her to ask for his meth-lord and lunatic brother, Gator Bodine (James Franco),'s help; thus being said as an unwritten permission for Bodine to break and enter Broker's house, stealing Maddy's bunny doll and her cat. But, that wasn't all he got, as Bodine found Broker's secret records. Knowing that he could go much farther with this kind of information, he then called his woman, Sheryl Mott (Winona Ryder), who had connection to Danny T and offered her some kind of deal to deliver that very information to Danny's insiders. But, Bodine wasn't the only one who knew a little something, as Broker was doing the same reasearch on Bodine. What would happen next?

Tired, I was, for being provided with such shallow storyline with fully loaded insensible aspects and lots of meaningless plot. The entire 100 minutes were filled with expected twists and surprises, corny one-liners and stupid cliché. Everything was just a complete mess filled with meaningless punching and throwing at each other my head hurt. I'm seriously tired of the whole action-sets of ex-narc VS vengeance drug-bike-money laundry-whatever lord, only to witness the very-expected hero to win. My biggest problem here was : what was the plot point? Was it when Maddy beat that chubby kid? Or when her father punched that chubby kid's father? And then there was Gator, whose involvement, cooperation and intention were unexplained. Actually, Broker and that-teacher (played by Rachelle Lefevre) childish love was intriguing, but left unexplored. Damn.

Statham; such a big dissapointment. I am not a fan of him, but from his previous movies, I can tell that he got charisma, but here, he was just ... idk, passing by? Like I couldn't root for him whatsoever. As for Franco, well aside the kinky boots and endless eye-roll, he was just getting paid to be Gator, to be beaten up by Statham. My favorite here was over-the-top and kinda cartoonish act from Winona Ryder. Statham was a junkie, Franco was a nuts, but Ryder was just ... idk, goofy?

Here's what you need to do if you decide to waste your money on the ticket : sit back, turn your brain off, relax and try to enjoy it the best you can. Cheers people.

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