October 25, 2013

First of all, I wanna say that I'm so sorry for the super-late review. I've already bought this book weeks ago, but due to the mid-weeks' hecticness, I couldn't savour it within a day. So, back to the book. After the nearly-a-year-counting-months-for-october-to-come, this bulky book had finally reached my possession. I was expecting much of it, especially in terms of darker aspects considering the blatant title involving HADES. Now now, did Rick Riordan pay my expectation well?

Well, he certainly did, with the sickest dedication an author has ever written in a book! Continued from the cliffhanging event Mark of Athena has left; after falling their way into the pit of Tartarus, Percy and Annabeth must find their way to the heart of the darkness, The House of Hades, to find the Doors of Death and their way back to the civilization. Meanwhile, Jason, Leo, Piper, Frank, Hazel, Nico and Coach Hedge were heading to Greece to save them, to help Percy and Annabeth sealing the door from both side, and to prevent wicked Gaea from rising and unfortunately let all the monsters to 'come back to life', all while figuring a way to stop Camp Jupiter from attacking Camp Half-Blood. And of course, with monsters and crazy Gods in their way. 

Rick Riordan definitely outdid himself by presenting such gripping, terror and horror in the entire sequences presented in this very book. House of Hades is presumably classified as the darkest book of all 9. The whole chapters were filled with horribly-described monsters and annoying Gods, with hand-fisting combats topped with scarred psychological fears. The plot offered never-ending thrills with continuous and steady pace, mixed with clever twists and appearances. The world-building was at its best, projecting the whole Tartarus into life, just like we were filling in Percibeth's shoes. The narration from many point of views was quite jumpy, but amazingly still able to keep the pace and red-lines. Well done.

PERCIBETH MOMENT AT ITS BEST! This book definitely about Percibeth, as they struggled to find their way out of hell-ish Tartarus, while still being their awesome selves (and a little holding hand there and then, oh well). It was also fun to hear Annabeth calling Percy "Seaweed Brain" again; I missed them and they definitely gave me something in this book. As for the other demigods, characters development was occurred, widely, though I was missing some Jason and Piper moment there. But boy, was Nico's revelation upstaging everything! As for Frank and Hazel; I love to see them grow because their characters were underdeveloped in the previous books. But overall, Leo here was the star; I was falling head-over-heels for him. Surprising lover he got there. 

Finally said, The House of Hades was an infinite page-turner. It was so hard for me to put it down, resulting me neglecting my textbook. A must read. Period. And oh, thanks Riordan for making me wait for another year for The Blood of Olympus. Hell yeah.

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