August 15, 2013

First of all, I'm so sorry for reviewing this book so late, even after I've bought it for like a month or so (truth to be spoken, I'm all glued to SATC marathon, all six seasons of it!). Allright. The Crossfire has been my guilty pleasure, though I'm still all heart to Fifty Shades of Grey. I've been dying to read this third installment, as Sylvia Day blatantly left such a grizzly cliffhanger in Reflected In you. First thing I dare to say is, though this book is considered to be the most romantic of all three books in the series, I like it the least. Why? Let's find out.

Following the shocking event left in Reflected In You, when Gideon, out of love, did the impossible and left his relationship with Eva to be concealed from public, to avoid any further bad depiction. Armed with each's other need and the same-building penthouses, they continued their relationship in bed while stayed broken up in public's eyes, taking baby steps with regards to each other's fucked up pasts and crazy exes, as well as troubled friends and families. 

I came to my senses that I didn't envy their relationship, AT ALL. Their relationship was so fucked up and unhealthy, like everyday filled with the need to know about everything of each other's problems, the reassurance that they didn't do anything wrong to hurt each other, the over-the-top possessiveness and misguided trusts on each other; it was so fucked up I couldn't stand it, even on being in Eva's shoes. Gideon was a hundred-masked man; he was psycho, romantic, powerful, insatiable and annoying, and all could switch within a flickering second. As for Eva, her insecurities clearly showed and it made me uncomfortable; I missed bitchy Eva and how she stood up against her own will, even more importantly, against Gideon. The great thing was that THEY TALK in this series; they literally talk through everything, which I enjoyed very much, because it didn't only expand their relationship scale, but themselves as well. As for the other characters, I love how Ms. Day built such a great and expanding character developments on Mark, Steven and Megumi, which really helped me on going through the very slow plot (because baby, I'm a child, I DID NOT picture the sex scene in my helpless mind).

Oh how I like the surprises flowing in this book! Everything was tangled and juicy, only to be left unsettled, missing, puff, just like that. And the turn on the homocide case, DID YOU TAKE TOO MUCH TRANQ MISS DAY?? Wth. And boy did I fucking hate the ending! It left the fast-paced climax into nothing. It was like the plot slowed down and stopped, with no cliffhanger whatsoever. And spoiler to you, the cliffhanger did presented by Sylvia Day through a simple note at the end of the pages, revealing that The Crossfire series would expand into FIVE books. There. Another waiting. 
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