August 6, 2013

Don't take it seriously; I only made the definition up. But it's true though, I've been drooling over some (well, not some actually, tons) of books lately. My crave for reading is on fire but sadly, the economy doesn't really cooperate. "You could just easily order some on Amazon, it's quite cheap there," true indeed, but the shipping fee is ridiculously high (the cost is almost the same with the book's price itself). Not to mention, it takes a month for the books to arrive. All right, the problem isn't just that, I want them all. Would somebody give me 3 grand to buy 'em??

You don't know how stressful I'm looking for the classic yellow jacket of Penguin Popular Classics. I've searched everywhere, from Kinokuniya, Times, Aksara, Books & Beyond, Singapore, Malaysia, etc etc, but none sells the yellow jacket one (only the re-packaged or the vintage ones). Actually, there's one country though, Australia. But sadly, they won't ship to Indonesia. Anybody Australian??

All of them are available in Kinokuniya, Times and Books & Beyond, but unfortunately, none of those stores are available in Surabaya. ASDFGHJKL.

All of them (except the Richard Castle's ones, they're only available on -again- Kinokuniya, Times, and Books&Beyond) are available here in Surabaya, but I don't have any money .. #firstworldproblem

HAVEN'T. RELEASED. YET. I'm willing to pre-order at Amazon, but they'll ship them a month after their released dates. Hell no.

They're all fucking expensives. The main sole reason. Period.

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