July 23, 2013

In the earlier review of The Carrie Diaries, I told you that I don't like it, but why did I read the following book anyway? Because I'm curious. Blame Candace for cliffhanging Samantha Jones at the end of The Carrie Diaries's chapter. And to present the name Miranda Hobbes on Summer and The City synopsis. Now, let's get to it.

Carrie Bradshaw is finally going to New York and spend her entire summer there! Unfortunately, she got smuggled and got nowhere to go except to her nemesis's glamorous cousin, Samantha Jones. After getting recognized in a big party Samantha made her go, she finally built her New York dream piece to piece. She's still struggling with her writing, but she met a gorgeous and filthy rich famous playwriter, Bernard Singer, having a love-hate relationship with Samantha Jones and the red-haired feminist she met in front of Saks, Miranda Hobbes and her former roommate, L'il, having quite a competition with her classmates Ryan, Capote and Rainbow. With just several months left, she has to figure it out what she has to do with her life or she'll be going to Brown at the end of the summer and throw away all her big city dream.

This is bad, really bad. I've never been so bored when I'm reading a book before. It's like I just want to get it over with. I had a thought that I should just copy the earlier review and alter it a little bit. I threw a higher rank just because I was pleased with Miranda and Samantha; I love how Candace gave us their intriguing backstories and well-developed characters. The other side characters didn't give much, they seem to be underdeveloped. Maggie was still annoying as hell, Walt was getting more adorable, Ryan was an a-hole, Capote was charming, Bernard was .. an accessory, L'il was .. I felt sorry for her, and Carrie's families were being ignorant as ever. What the hell was going on there??!

Dull, shallow and depressing plot; too many sex, drugs and smoking involved that felt more like an adults doing it rather than bunch of grown teenagers. What's the point in there; I don't know. Nothing really going on in this book. It's like reading a bad writing from a depressed 17-year-old. 

As for Carrie Bradshaw herself; I love her in HBO's SATC, but here? She's just another annoying, depressed spoiled teenager who acted like a crybaby and mooning over her New York City dream. In this book, Carrie was finally going to New York for her summer holiday, taking a professional writing class in order to pursue her talent, but all she did was just partying, getting drunk, smoking nonstop, pining over boys/men and worrying about her bad play and her virginity. What the hell Carrie?! Get real! 

I don't recommend this book if you don't like SATC. This is a F-classified YA novel and it's worth to be left prettily at the store. Save your money. 

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