July 25, 2013

I enjoy reading Lauren Conrad's work; really. I followed her through the entire L.A. Candy, and her Style and Beauty books, and now this Fame Game series. Though her writing feels kinda corny and amateur.ish sometimes (with the whole bloggy atmosphere going on whenever she puts comment in third person formula, like what I am doing right now), her writing is fun, light and such a page-flipper. And the fact that she provides the harsh truths behind Hollywood's fame is just very intriguing; she is very blunt at it and the fact that she was in a reality TV show (ehm, The Hills ..) elevates it even more. It's like reading her own damned confessions. Now, you want to hear what I have to say about the final book of The Fame Game series? Keep on reading.

The story follows after the cliff-hanging events at Starstruck; Madison was just leaving TFG after her breakdown with ex-bf Ryan Tucker and her contradiction with his necklace-stealer father. Gaby is now recovering from her drug problem and dating a slousy pant. Kate is now dating Drew and still is pursuing her music career after her one-hit-wonder "Starstruck". Sophie still is an annoying and fame-whore bitch. And as for Carmen, she's now dating Luke and currently doing nothing after her previous film wrapped. The same formula occurs; the girls face their ups and downs of Hollywood and it's a very intriguing line of sequences to be followed up. LC does great on the first-quarter, but then all the uninspiring dramas and love-hate sequences feel a little bit shattered and loose, leading us to a snooze-land right away. Then, she quickly catches the pace by bringing a too-fast climax and a forced conclusion. Everything feels too easy, too vague and predictable in the timeline, but it is what it is; a light-read which you shouldn't have put too much effort and wince on it. 

I like the development of the characters LC brings in this very book. Though sometimes they feel rather jumpy with their ups and downs, I do like the ongoing commitments that LC provides within each and every characters. I also love how LC elevates the side characters even more in this book; I love Drew and he surely steals the attention from the girls this time. Good job on that. 

Infamous is an OK book, a light-read that doesn't need to be overthought, yet still can provide excitement and thrill at the same time. Can't give a recommendation, since it's a serial books, but yeah, it's a fun read. 
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