June 19, 2013

“Most people don't believe something can happen until it already has. That's not stupidity or weakness, that's just human nature.”
Here's what you need to make a high-grossed movie : hire Brad Pitt with his inevitable long messy hair minus morning shave, fighting against mass of zombies. Blockbuster guaranteed. I honestly had quite low expectation on WWZ, but I was damn curious to see how Pitt mixed with zombies looked like. So, how did it turn out?

Former UN troubleshooter Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) found himself in the midst of what looked like a viral zombie attack in his hometown, Philadelphia. With the help of his dear friend Thierry Umutoni (Fana Mokoena), he and his family took refuge on a US warship which was sailed wide open in the pacific ocean. But, in order to keep his family safe abroad, he must joined the forces once again, helping a young Harvard's virology professor to seek a vaccine in South Korea. Unfortunately, the professor was dumb enough to shoot himself before even investigating anything, leaving Gerry to be the only one to find the cure. With  the help of a badass Jerussalem GI, Segen (Daniella Kertesz) he then continued his search, facing zombies obstacles along way. 

I dare to say that World War Z was surprisingly fun and thrilling. A fast-paced action-thriller movie with constant suspense & terror, both in small scale (the dark alley, B wing at WHO headquarters) and large scale (Jerussalem's barricade-breaker zombie attack). There was no dull moment within 116 minutes time; only stable investigation to another investigation that led to some massive zombie attacks. I honestly haven't read the book it based on (Max Brook's 2006 bestseller "World War Z"), but I can say that Marc Forster made one hell of a realistic interpretation of "realistic" zombies. The zombies weren't loving and talking like that warm movie and not as gruesome as that walking tv show, ; they were fast runner, brutal and unstoppable, and apparently a fast-turner as well. They were also surprisingly good at team-work (that shoulder-to-shoulder climb over Jerussalem's barricade? LOL).The make-up and CGI were well enough to make them even more realistic and "made sense". More point added, this movie didn't offer much gruesome as any other zombies' movie would do; they were no flesh-tearing or head-bursting scenes, but the attempted running, tricks and full-jammed actions were enough to cover it. 

WWZ was smart enough to cover some plot holes it had with some shootings and face-to-face zombies encounters. But, those plot holes bugged me enough. First, I have no idea what was my-daughter-suffering-from-asthma-and-nervous-break-down scene doing there; only to kill some times apparently. Then, the grocery store scene; what's the point in breaking into some grocery store, picking some canned foods then left there with nothing? Especially when they knew they were gonna get rescued and being taken to some safe camp with foods on their own. Also, the family aspect didn't work well in this movie; it seemed unrealistic, as to say this movie failed in terms on delivering a personal touch. One more thing, the 3D didn't serve well. Not much depth, too much chaotic running-shaky scenes and also a little bit blurry. Pass!

Brad Pitt was indeed the 'goodies' of this movie (as his name literally plastered that big on the poster), but he failed to deliver a good performance. He did good physically, but not emotionally. He was too stiff and unreasonably calm, even the zombie at vault 139 had more emotions than him. And boy, did he undoubtedly smart??! He could just easily jump into conclusion with the slightest evidences, like he was smarter than any WHO guys who apparently nodded over any theories he had to say. Why? Simply said : because he's Brad Pitt. Daniella Kertesz was also a dissapointment; a reckless bald sidekick who did nothing eventually. Leave that all to Brad Pitt! Short thing to say : the cast was a dissapointment. 

There're a thing or two I learned from watching this movie. First : do not fly economy, because apparently the virus hit the 'cheap' passengers first. Second : pray to God that you have a husband who's important to the government so that you won't get left when there's a zombie apocalypse. Third : do not live outside USA, because apparently there's only US warship, not Asia warship whatsoever. Last but not least, human population are dreadful : let's do genocide. Recommended to watch to kill time!

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