June 22, 2013

First of all, this is no ordinary book review, because it's neither magazine nor fiction. This is a non-fiction book that's ordinary but somehow reading it making us feel extra ordinary. I am a big fan of Tavi's online magazine and I always read some articles there whenever I feel like it. And I was so glad that Tavi&Gangs finally decided to print it as a (huge) book. Just consider it as a souvenir. And tell you what, THIS IS DEFINITELY A MUST-BUY FOR EVERY SINGLE TEENAGERS OUT THERE, struggle or not, pretty or ugly, jocks or nerds, every one of you! Let's just say that this book is an unofficial guide to survive your teenagehood. And more to it, this book can act like your sister/bestfriends because it's so related to you. Don't be so surprised if you find yourself yell "That's so me! I do too! Hell yeah girlfriend, I can feel your pain!". I've warned you.

Rookie Yearbook One covers every stories, confessions, interviews, discussion, tips&tricks, suggestions, everything you've always wanted your bestfriends/others to tell and help you about. More to it, those stories & interviews are contributed from some famous & hip people; they tell you their secrets and you'll certainly be amazed by them. The authors write and relate to you with simple & understanding (yet hip) writing that makes you feel related to them, like you can tell them anything or in contrary. Moreover, this whole books are filled with gorgeous layouts & photographs, hand-drawn illustrations, as well as quirky handwritings and the hippest playlists. And oh, very useful DIY! 

Bottom line, Rookie Yearbook One is a definite satisfaction for those struggling teenagers out there. It's a survival guide you won't dare to miss. Highly recommended. And oh, also wait for Rookie Yearbook Two coming out this October!
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