May 16, 2013

"If you knew what I knew, you wouldn't be comforting me, you'd be trying to strangle the life out me ..."
It's just human to follow whatever it is that succeed. Same term also occurs on the writing field. Believe it or not, since the tremendous success of E.L James's Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, many authors, both notable or not, are trying to top out Fifty's succcess. Some try their luck by throwing the same sex pace, and some are actually making the doppleganger out of it. Is it shameful? No. I can't deny that Fify Shades of Grey is indeed phenomenal and I've been hooked on same-term books ever since. Finding Velvet's book in store was, I can say, amusing. The resemblances of it compared to 50 Shades are unmistakeable : the key plastered on the cover, the same use of color shades, and the juicy tagline of "Black is so much hotter than Grey .." Now, don't judge the book by its cover. Let's talk more about it.

After I read the brief synopsis on the back of the book, I realized that this book is nothing similar to Fifty. In fact, it's something completely different. And the fact that this book has been released in the UK for more than 5 years ago, long before Fifty, makes it further different than the stereotype talked above. It's not following the vibe (well, maybe re-release it now is), which is good. The story is cliché : an orphan girl turns into a successful bright woman, having a perfect relationship with a rich guy, then feeling a little blue that leads to the search for a 'refreshment' out there in the wilderness. But that's now that I'm going to talk about judging from my 3-hours experience of camping on the field of boredom.

First to be talked about : the plot. It's a perfect start already on the epilogue, but the too-brief past encounters (and a little describing, not telling) and lack of backstories make the first flaw in this book. And the characters encounter just came out of nowhere. The plot is too fast-paced, yet nothing to be excited about. It's dull : vague story, uninspiring twists (Trey is Preston's son? I didn't realize that when I first read Trey's backstory).

Second : weak writing. I don't know if it's just me or Velvet making everyone a little bit too chatty? I encountered a lot of unnecessary and stupid conversations that weren't supposed to be written at the first place. And when the actual conversation being a little describing, the touchy moment is being the opposite. I need a real moment here, something that can make me held my breath for a moment. 

Third : too driven. One time you're here, then you're there. Onne minute you feel this, another minute passed, you feel that. With no reason, no connection. It's like walking on a blackout tunnel as a blind person without nothing to be touched or felt. So out of focus, very blurry. And the fact that this book is narrated by 6 people view doesn't help.

Fourth : it's purposeless. Where will Ariel go next? What will happen? Why would Ariel do that? What will we achieve here? What's that supposed to mean? I have no idea. I have no idea where this book is going. I have no idea what to achieve and/ gain from this book.

Fifth : The sex is OK. Creative maybe, by channeling it through the fantasy of The Black Door club. But I still need a real chemistry here. Not just bang bang bye. I just didn't feel the what-people-called-as butterfly in the stomach from the super uninspiring and lifeless relationship between Ariel-Preston-Trey. 

Sixth : cheesy. From the characters and the choice of words. There's nearly nothing to be quoted from the book, not a single damn saying that can jolt your heart. 

Seventh : a little bit too pushy. Especially Michelle's character. She isn't supposed to be there in the first place. She changes nothing, exist or not. If it's Velve't choice of making a one hell of complicated rectangular relationship with no pursuit whatsoever, it works. He loves her, she loves him. Whatever man. 

Eight : badly built characters. None of the characters inspire me. Ariel could though, if she wasn't so needy and cheap in the first place. She doesn't show neither control or love. She doesn't own her character, she's just a girl-in-the moment. Trey character is, how should I put it, garbage. One time he's here, another time he's there. Now he's charming, then he's not. Who is he? I have no fucking idea. Is he hot? Maybe, but I don't know man. Does he fall for Ariel? GOD KNOWS IF HE DOES! How about his father? Nothing much, but I love that his character is the only character clear and sane enough to be judged. How about Meri and Michelle? Well, Meri is, Meri. She's just there, an accessory. And Michelle who?

Ninth : WHAT KIND OF FUCKING ENDING IS THAT? Unbelievably dumb twist and makes no sense at all. PERIOD. 

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS BOOK? I don't know man. No need to read the other 3 I guess. No recommendation as well, because I believe you all can read, can't you?

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