May 9, 2013

"Kunda... Estrata... Montose... Conda."
Remaking cult classic movie has become a plague in Hollywood. And most of the times, the newer and more improved versions are rarely scored above 7, evenmore topped off the original version. But, I dare to say that this remake version of Sam Raimi's 1981 original has proved me wrong. Before that, I need to tell you that I haven't watched the original version, therefore there'll be no mention of "Ash this, Ash that ..". I don't know if you're still interested on reading after hearing that, but do please keep reading. I mean it

There was a girl being chased in the wood. After being captured by some odd native tribes and being tied on a pole (or tree, whatever), she asked "Who are you people?" A surprise occurred as she got visited by her daddy. She then keep asking her dad to bring her home, but no, daddy wouldn't. Then, there was a scary looking lady, shouting some ideas in such frantic and rush, while reading an odd (and fucking scary) ancient book covered with blood splatters. Short story short, the girl's eyes changed. She revealed her true color, a nest of demon (or demons). She shouted motherfuckers, a lot. Her daddy got scared, telling the girl that she was responsible for her mother's death until he poured gasoline on her like the scary lady suggested, lighted up the match and burnt his daughter. Surprisingly, the girl was still able to shout dirty words, then daddy got scared and shot her face with a shotgun. Then, the scene changed. There were 5 people visiting a cabin in the wood ; David (Shiloh Fernandez) and his girlfriend Natalie (Elizabeth Blackmore), the pre-med girl Olivia (Jessica Lucas), the science teacher Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci) and David's junkie sister Mia (Jane Levy). They were there unintentionally to help Mia quitting drugs. Everything seems fine until they found a hidden basement filled with dead cats and book covered in plastic bag, skin and barbed wire. Short story short, Mia felt that something wasn't right and that she couldn't help her resistance, she then ran away but her car crashed into a lake and soon she was trapped in a torn bushes where she experienced the scariest moment of her life. On the other hand, Eric got curious with the book "Naturom Demonto". He then explored the book and found some scary shits but refused to obey the warning anyway (so much of a disclaimer). For that he didn't know, he had called something terrifying, something that none of them could escape from. Soooo, what will happen next? 

The very first question that popped out into my head is : "Why remaking it if it's already as perfect as everybody mentioned? Why bother?" Yes, there's a promise behind the producer seats that there'll be some involvements coming from Raimi and Bruce Campbell (the one who played Ash in the original movie), but once again, WHY? While the question remain unanswered, I was captivated by the red-band trailer, like "That is a serious shit going on there!" This new-era remake is being handled by Fede Alvarez, the guy who brought hush hush on Youtube by making a short sci-fi robot invasion movie titled "Panic Attack". This so-called remake has one thing that really defines it from any movies that claimed to be a scarefest; the horror itself. While the story seems to be quite predictable with some uninspiring twists, the horror is presented in such a slow and purposed way, making a 91 minutes bloodbath, gorefest and brutally sadistic movie, with such details and clear presentation. This remake doesn't offer you shockfest and jump-scared moments; it's pure gore with every twisted and sick ways imaginable. The new Evil Dead is damn straight; no need emotional weepy moments or cheap sex and nudity (yes, a rated R movie with no nudity). This movie is 99% no CGI, only special effects. Therefore, I can say that the experience feels real. Like, fucking real.

Great move from the team for putting a backstory that directly points to the main event. Though there're several things that bother me, like what were they doing in the cabin in the first place, why bother shooting and burning when burying alive is simply the answer, and if the book was so dangerous, why did they leave it so recklessly, like it was purposedly there to take more victims. And of course, the ressurection; how in the world car batteries and needles can jumpstart one's heart to live and leaving no single damn scratch?! Well, no one cares.

I dare to say that Evil Dead is the only horror movie that feels funny (in such sick and twisted way). The sadism is frontal and exposed all right, but it's funny as well. My most favorite scene is when possessed Mia purposedly licked a cutter, cutting her tongue into half. And the scene when Natalie cut off her arm with meat carver (no, don't be dissapointed, you WILL see the iconic chainsaw with its own moment). Last but not least, the blood rain (the blood does look fake though, but I'm just amazed on how many galloons of fake blood it takes to make such scene) And the make up. Boy, does the make up effect crazy! It's like TWD's zombies mixed with Emily Rose when she's possessed (remember the scene when Olivia does her 'thing', it's like "Man, 30 seconds ago she was hot, I swear!") Plus, THE ENDING IS CRAZY SICK! I looveee it! 

It's a bold move for using unknown cast, but surprisingly they pull it off well. Jane Levy does a great job on portraying Mia on her cold turkey attempt while dealing with mommy issues. She also portrays possessed Mia perfectly; she looks almost like a demonize chilld, creeping your way everywhere. Shiloh Fernandez plays David in a solid way. Some may say that he's a knock-off Ash, but he sure does his own charm. Eric is the scene stealer; Lou Taylor Pucci plays him well in such irony like "No, everything won't get better. Have you noticed how fucked up the situation is right now?!!" Not much to say about Jessica Lucas and Elizabeth Blackmore; they're just sugartops. 

Though it isn't as terrifying as I expected it to be, Evil Dead is one hell of a horror show. It's scary, it's sick, it's funny, it's unbearable. IT'S A MUST WATCH. Too afraid to watch? Challenge yourself. And do not leave the theatre yet after the movie finished, because there'll be a post-credit scene worth waiting for. 

Just an intermezzo, do you know how many people in the theatre when I watched this yesterday? FIVE. Including me. And they were all grouped on side, while I was watching alone on the other side. So called private theatre. But one funny thing though. I heard one of them said, "It's ok. It's not real. The blood is fake. Breathe. Breathe." and I shouted in my head, "Of course sweetie it's not real. If it is, I'll be damned. So will you. And stop shouting!"


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