April 24, 2013

(accessories all from Topshop)

I was just getting back from a farewell trip to Bali with my school. Believe it or not, I haven't gone to Bali since I was 6 and this was my second time. Bali was great, but I'm not a beach-y person, more like a city person, so I don't have that huge urge to come back (enough it's enough with the sands, I couldn't get it off of my slippers until now). First of all, I want to say I'm sorry for not putting any real pictures with this post, because I didn't bring any cameras yet didn't feel the urge to take any pictures, even to put on Instagram. So sorry. But, let's get to the story!

After having a mass and dinner at school, we all went to Bali by bus, driving on the highway. Everything seemed to go very well, not until my class's bus were taking over by a loaded truck and forcing our driver to swerve to the right, hitting the railside. My bus was succeeded to avoid a crash, but this was the effect of travelling in line (all 13 buses were driving in line, led by a patrol car). The 3 buses behind my bus, not having the time to hit the brake, crashed. The first bus directly behind my bus succeed to avoid a hit with my bus, but it was getting hit from the bus behind. The second bus was the fatal one; they got hit from behind yet they also hit the front bus. Those 3 buses were unable to continue the journey (because the glass broke and some, including my bus, were dent), so my school decided to switch bus, which took nearly 4 hours long (because of the policy, we couldn't travel apart from the others, so we have to wait). No one was fatally injured, but there were some injured from broken teeth and swelled wound. We were waiting on the side line of the highway, not knowing what would happen next, when we would continue our journey, even not knowing where to pee! We have to pee in some project site, with a loo covered only by roofing, with no water whatsoever and it smells like a rotten corpse. You guess it right, though no matter how bad I wanted to pee, I decided to hold it after seeing the situation. More to it, the 'accident' was exaggerated, even after being on air in Suara Surabaya. Everybody knew about the accident and a lot of people were worried about us. I was shocked of finding out that some of my friends and relatives texted, tweeted and called me, asking for how I was doing and about the accident. It was quite a shocking and unexpected experience. After long hours of waiting, the replacement buses finally came and we could continue our journey. But, it didn't end there. We were stuck on a gasoline-thingy traffic for nearly 3 hours and we hadn't even reached half of the journey yet. Not to mention, my bus were filled with small cockroaches; you don't want to know how I feel sleeping through the entire night with my oversized blazer covered my upper, not wanting to be crawled by those cockroaches, choosing to have short breath instead. Long story short, we finally reached Bali and the trip took 23 hours! Imagined how tired and shocked we all were. Then, after reaching Bali, we went to Krisna to buy some goods for our folks at home (damn cheap, you got like 7 stuffs for less than 250k!). Then, we headed to the hotel. I knew that the room will be crowded because 1 room was filled with 4 people. But what I was shocked with was that the hotel room was provided by mini king size bed, not a large one. Yes, you guess it right, I couldn't sleep through the night. What a day!

My school gave every class a liberty to choose their own plan to spend. My class chose to get on board with Bali Hai Cruise. It was my second time cruising after cruising with Star Cruises two years ago in Singapore. Lucky for me I didn't get seasick, but I did have a hard time of walking lol. The cruise was ported in a small island called Nusa Lembongan. I took my chances with Kayaking (it was so freaking hard to control and no one there taught me how to do it). I was gonna ride the Banana Boat, but I decided not to because I was pissed with the instructor. Here's the story : me and my friends were in line to ride the banana boat. Our turn came, but the instructor made the foreign ones to go first. We were OK at first, but then he gave our turn to another tourist and rudely said, "Later you will. Later!" WTF. One of my friend was pissed as well and directly offended him by saying "We are paying for this and for that we have the same opportunity for riding this." The instructor then replied, "I am doing my job here, whether you like it or not. There's no number or anything to ride this." By that, gone was the urge to ride banana boat as well as to snorkel because my pants (I didn't bring any swimwear) were soaked with sands. While my friends gone snorkeling, me and some of my friends decided to swim in the pool provided in the island. The water was salty but we had a great time. Actually, I met an Australian tourists there and had a great time chatting and playing water volley ball with them. Short story short, the time for cruising ended and we were all headed to Jimbaran for dinner. It was very crowded there. I didn't get enough foods there, because I didn't get the chance to eat the fish (it was dark there and the fish had so many bones, afraid of choking you can say ..). Then, we headed to the hotel.

Kutaaa!! This day we took the liberty to travel ourselves and me and my friends chose to go to Beachwalk to have some shopping therapies. I was drooling over Topshop, New Look, Pull&Bear, Stadivarius, Mango, etc. After that, we have lunch at TonyRoma's to experience its infamous baby back ribs. It tasted heavenly (not minding my sore throat). After satisfying our needs at Beachwalk, we then went to the surfer shops near our hotel. The sale was crazy, up to 80% you bet! I was buying things for my parents as they (especially my Dad) are big fans of Billabong, Volcom, stuffs. Then, we walked to the hotel and prepared ourselves for the prom. The prom night; I was nearly sick. I don't know why, but I think it was the sore throat mixed with the night wind. I didn't feel like talking or doing anything, so I experienced the whole night by sitting on the pavement, watching the whole events even missed all the photographs and those teary moments (though I was certain I wasn't gonna spare any tears for that :p). Long story short, we headed straight to the hotel and I was defeated, slept like a baby, while the others were continuing their moments by sharing with each other. What a prom!

(clockwise from top left : coat from Stadivarius, leather legging from Topshop, boyfriend shorts-white basic-black see through top all from New Look)

After the experience occured on the first and second day and judging from my condition, I decided to fly home rather than to continue the journey by bus. I was home before Tanah Lot and Seminyak events, but I was glad, because I got rid all the tiredness and I finally got some decent sleep and is able to write this post. 

Bali La Vista was great and memorable, definitely a thing to be remembered. Thank you Sinlui, thank you friends and thank you Bali! 

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