IRON MAN 3 (2013) : REVIEW

April 25, 2013

"Things are different now, I have to protect the one thing that I can't live without. That's you."
It's a big challenge already for this newest Marvel release to pace up with the previous mega blockbuster, The Avengers. We'd fallen for Stark in The Avengers; siding with a God, a green temperamental monster and a guy in tight with super strength. But, does his charm work all over again in his own franchise, even under the new pilot (goodbye Favreau), Shane Black ("Kiss Kiss Bang Bang")?! Let's find out!

Iron Man 3 offers quite a unique blockbuster term : it actually follows up not from the previous installment (Iron Man 2), but from The Avengers (you'll hear lots of New York mentioned, as well as aliens and "the guy with the hammer from the sky"). "Nothing has been the same since New York," as Tony Stark had said. You may have remembered his down fall (by fall, I mean real fall, have you seen The Avengers?) which leads up to Stark's anxiety, nightmares and post-traumatic stress. We won't see Stark as rich playboy philanthropist anymore; we'll see the struggling Stark, struggle with whatever he is afraid of, a post-Avengers trauma. It's great to see how emotional Stark can drift us, even I feel that this movie isn't about saving the world; it's about saving Tony Stark himself.

Iron Man 3 follows up the event after The Avengers, when Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is now hiding in his garage, building and advancing his baby suits (call it a hobby) while his dearest Ms. Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) is now the one in charge in Stark Industries. Everything seems to be going just right, even Happy (Jon Favreau) is happy watching Downton Abbey and telling everybody to wears their tags as he's in charge as the new head security and as Pepper's personal bodyguard. Then, Stark leads us to the New Year's Eve 1999, where we can follow quite a flashback of him with a bright and beautiful scientist Maya Hansen (Rebecca Hall) and her regenerating serum experiments called the "Extremis". Short story short, Stark and Maya then encounters a madly brilliant scientist, Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) who offers Stark to join his program called AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics). Of course, Stark turns him down, but what he doesn't know that right at that moment he has created a monster. Back to the present, as Stark being busy with his frequent panic attack, America is terrorized by an organization led by a so-called terrorist named The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley). Mandarin keeps throwing random acts of terrorism, all so sudden with no exact reasons, terrorizing everybody including the main target, the president. The problem doesn't end there; Happy is attacked by one of Mandarin's guys which leads to Stark's anger, that he sends a threat telling that he's not afraid of Mandarin. Long story short -after the visit of the long-gone Maya Hansen, telling Stark that Killian is a threat, that he's working with Mandarin- Mandarin answers Stark's threat as his guys attack Stark's Malibu beach house by bunch of helicopters, firing restlessly towards his property, leading Stark into a disguised dissapearance. Stark then homeless and armorless, trying to build and regain piece by piece of his strength and whatever mysteries behind Mandarin and his flaming immortal squads, all with the help of an oprhan kid named Harley (Ty Simpkins) and his old pal, Colonel Rhodes aka War Machine aka Iron Patriot (Don Cheadle). Sooo, will he make it?

I'm confused here. Either I'm too stupid to understand and too stunned by the tech savvy appeared in almost every scenes of this movie or I still can't understand what's the red line between the attacks and all of these. I have to say that Iron Man 3 is quite predictable and down-basic in its own term, but I do appreciate the exciting twists and turns. And boy, do I need to praise the humors! They are flattering and continuely make the whole stories come alive (remember the limited edition Dora watch?). More to that, I really appreciate the effort of making most of Tony's scene to be armorless; it's exciting to see his 'human' side, not covered by those steels and Jarvis, actually fighting physically and emotionally. Last but not least, I am still amazed with the enhanced Iron Suits; it flies and latches onto one's body in separate pieces, yet you can still remotely pilot it without being inside it (like saving 13 people from a free fall directly in a truck). UH-MA-ZING. And yeah, the 3D is good enough to make you gape, but don't mind the depth; it sucks.

I have to praise Robert Downey Jr. performance all over again. He indeed is Tony Stark; he's captivating in both philanthropist and panicked self. I also adore his chemistry with Ty Simpkins; it's fun to watch them work together as a team. Ben Kingsley flawlessly haunts and disgusts me as disguised "Mandarin"; his smile is stupidly creepy. Guy Pearce gives me shiver with his smirk and whatever crimes he tends to do next; he's brilliant, precisely stable yet ruthless. I'm dissapointed with Rebecca Hall; her role is easily forgotten. She doesn't deliver any sparks and twists well. Last but not least, I'm impressed with Gwyneth Paltrow; I looooveeeee her breakout in the very end of the movie though I still hate her for complaining over every Stark's twisted brilliant gifts and him, not being there. Give it up girl!

Iron Man 3 has beaten Iron Man 2 and closely siding with the first installment; it is good. It gives you heartpounding emotions, chilling thrills, fully jammed action, laughable humors, dreamy techs and top notch effects. Do I recommend you to watch it? Yes, very. FYI, for those who haven't watch, do please remain seated until the end of the credits because there's a surprise waiting!


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