December 14, 2012

"Everyone has a different nightmare in Silent Hill, I am theirs."
There's a huge cynical among cinephiles when it comes to video-game adaptation movies which mostly caused by the high number of failures. Silent Hill : Revelation 3D is a follow up of Christopher Gan's 2006 video-game adaptation movie about a twisted and sickening town with its deep and dark roots. The 6 years span may cause a little trouble with the blurry memory about the story, but does director Michael J. Bassett have the capability to projecting the fear and bring the darkness to life? Even better, in 3D?

After the creepy situations in 2006 "Silent Hill", Harry (still is portrayed by Sean Bean) has a new duty : protecting her 18-year-old daughter Sharon (Adelaide Clemens) from getting captured by The Orde after her mother's heroic action from getting her escaped from Silent Hill. As the story goes (as if it has story), Sharon begins to learn more about her past and of course, the darkness that is rooting inside her. She begins to have nightmares, hallucinations, all sort of things. When Harry got captured by The Orde, she determined to save her father by returning back to the creepy land, Silent Hill. Can she? Will she? Watch it by yourself.

Silent Hill : Revelation 3D delivers creepy & downright captivating visual set along with the cheesy but fearful eye-popping 3D. I must say that in 95 minutes duration, the number of encounters providing nothing but never-ending creeps and steady tensions. The creepily intriguing apperances of the monsters (the pyramid head and those nurses?) and the spooky-fest circus kinda like set (that merry go round, stuffed bunnies, clowns) really entertain me. Good job on that.

Say what needed to be said : it really is just a never-ending shocks and captivating visual set with mindblowing CGI. The rest? Nothing to be expected from. Silent Hill : Revelation 3D failed to deliver interesting characters as well as captivating world building. The whole story is pointless : it's just about "Explain the storyline to me" dialogue exchanges. The wrong thing may lie worst on spending too much time explaining the story which makes the movie loses its momentum and ended up confusing instead. The overly dramatic and complicated storyline raises nothing but eye rolling and unintentional laughs. The narrative is a mess of cliche and the twist is rather uninspiring.

Now let's talk about the characters. Miss Clemens failed me; I can't get inside her fear, I fear the room more. The frantic running, the panting, the shocks; I can't feel it. But, what bothers me the most is probably Kit Harington's role. What does Vincent actually do? I'm confused. I can say that the producer can't erase his name since his name matters more than his purpose (evenmore, The Game of Thrones is at its glory ..).

Finally, Silent Hill : Revelation 3D is nothing but a monster nest packed with never-ending fear encounters, popped in a sharp slicing 3D. Gamers may be intrigued with the execution, as they are pleased with their favorite characters come to life, but for mass audience? It's nothing but a scarefest.


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