December 22, 2012

Located near the iconic Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by The Bay is Singapore's newest attraction, offering you breathtaking sets of gardens and greenhouses. I visited three attractions there : Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and Supertree Grove. I can tell you that Gardens by The Bay is a worth visit; you won't see the world's biggest greenhouse anywhere, evenmore with the amazing arrangement of plants and magnificent structures of the sites. Taking photos inside the sites are allowed, but I struggled to stop taking pictures of its beauty instead of taking pictures of me there (even I fully charged my DSLR, it still died at the end anyway). So, here're the photos I managed to take and edit (I separated them between sites so that you won't get confused looking at it) and please don't mind my tilted shots, because after all, I'm still an amateur. Enjoy.

Flower Dome is probably my favorite site. It offers you great amounts of plants all around the world, with amazing details of arrangements and color sets. Inside, you feel like you're walking in Alice in The Wonderland's world with Marina Bay's view outside the see-through glasses covering the dome. The garden consists of some sub-gardens themed, like Mediterranean, etc. Lucky for me, it happened to be near the festive Christmas Season, as the dome decorated with all things Christmas, from trees, ornaments until Santa and his deers. "Winter Wonderland", they called it. 

Entering the site, you'll be welcomed with great hush of wind coming from the manmade waterfall. The statuesque waterfall rock is amazing; I don't know how in the hell they built it. The rock is topped with different kind of plants and flowers, and we're welcome to walk inside it. We can also see the beauty of it as well, by walking on the skywalk surrounding it. There're also some sub-themed attractions inside that you can enjoy. 

It's the iconic tree 'planted' anywhere on the garden that you can actually see from the bay. The structure is amazing and the look is divine. Whoever had the idea is ridiculously creative; making an upside-down umbrella structure, with bird-nest kinda like cup and plants and flower on the stick. You can also walk on the OCBC skywalk surrounding the supertrees (but if you're afraid of height, better not to) to catch a glimpse of the breahtaking view of Marina Bay and Beyond.


Until next time, Singapore (:

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