The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn (PART II)

November 22, 2012

The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn (PART II)
"The epic finale that will live forever."

After battling with her bloodsucking human fetus, the dying Bella (Kristen Stewart) now has become one of the red eye clan, thanks to her sparkly and icy stiff husband, Edward (Robert Pattinson). As baby Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy) grows impacably fast, the danger strikes. One of unfortunate vampire, Irina (Maggie Grace), witnessed the oddness of Renesmee and mistaken her as an "immortal child" (i.e. a child who is created as a vampire, a very dangerous and troublesome child that poses a threat to the vampire's concealment) and soon report the crime to the headchoppers Volturi. Knowing the future, Alice (Ashley Greene) tells the Cullens to search  for some bloodsuckers witnesses to help them testify against Volturi, that Renesmee is born, not bitten. Long story short, vampires from all over the continent visit the Cullens, witness the half-human-half-vampire phenomena that lays on Renesmee's and agree to help the Cullens to win over the Volturi(s); all as an attempt to prevent war. Meanwhile, Bella herself is struggling to fight her urge to feed as a newborn vampire and with her dead-ish strategy to keep her dad away from her. While Jacob manages to survive around dozen red eyes around him, all because he not-by-intention falls for baby Renesmee. What whill happen with them? Can they win Volturi's heart? See by yourself, the 'epic finale' as they claimed to be. Wanna know what I think? Continue reading, as I'm about to drop some grenades.


5 years, 4 books, 5 movies and tons of twihaters; that's Twilight Saga's journey. I won't say that I'm twihards or twihaters; I simply neither. Obvious thing is, the comparison between orange and apple of Twilight and Harry Potter is foolish; someone with his/her right mind would obviously said that (so far) no other sagas whatsoever can ever be compared with Harry Potter. Read that again : someone with the right mind. All right, let's back to the business. I know that most people is cynical and uniterested with this saga (except those fangirls between age 12-16 who obviously love to scream over sparkling body and tanned abs combination). Me? I do too. I mean, what can I expect from the very first time hearing "Twilight Saga", not to mention "The Epic Finale You'll Never Forget?" My expectation is clear : another shirtless Lautner, Pattinson's glittery skin, colored eyes, bad CGI, over-the-top melodramatic drama, untamable love triangle and bad on everything aspect. So, does Breaking Dawn Part II breaks my expectation? Let's find out.

As I recall the story above (I write that synopsis by myself, COPYRIGHTED), I have to say that by far, this is the best movie in Twilight Saga's history. Read that again, in Twilight Saga's history, not in movie's history. In movie's history? Still is one of the worst. Bill Condon's intention on making the finale to be epic as he and others promised turns to be an epic failure. But somehow, BDII, still with its overly dramatic & downright cheesy packages, manages to offer some fun for broader audiences. And I do see some improvement here, as the dull love triangle fades and the plot grows wider (but not strong enough). I like the ideas of adding plenty of new characters; it makes the world of Twilight a little different, rather than just Jacob-Bella-Edward and Wolfies VS Vampies. And I like the big shocking twist at the very end, but I'm so sorry to say, still can't leave any impression to be remembered as the 'epic finale'. 


As the very long and boring credits title at the beginning goes, and the blink of Bella's red eyes, one thing I really could predict and was very sure that it'd be happened; vampirrific. No, let's do that again; vamphorrible. Just imagine this : dozens of bloodsucking, breathless, blinkless, glittery cold and pale people with their colored eyes and superpowers under the same roof, challenging each other, flirting with each other, smiling cockily, act almighty, jumping from tree to tree; show off much huh? I find it really annoying, especially Bella. Her I-am-trying-to-spread-my-power-to-protect-you-gaze and should-I-eat-that-bambi-or-that-guy-over-the-cliff hunger is driving me nuts. And really, Benjamin's Avatar Aang's airbender-ish superpower? Duh. Also, don't vampires get cold? Bella was wearing legging and leather jacket in the middle of snowy land for God's sake! Saying that they're stylish vampires huh? And one thing that really bothers me; The Volturi. They said to be the mightiest and the most powerful of them all, but what's with the time-expand, can't just they run million miles an hour to where Bella and the gang is? Silly nuts. NOT TO MENTION THE REASON THEY DON'T ATTACK EACH OTHER PEOPLE! Mightiest of them all huh?

Lack of story? Check. Horrible casts? Check. Weak plot and character development? Check. Cheesy surprises? Check. Illogical everything? Check. So, what's missing? First thing first, what's with the bodyless heads people? I know it's a prop and vampires don't bleed, but at least, make it looks like a real one! Learn from Joffrey Baratheon! And the attempt to top Benjamin Button's magical aging CGI? Have you seen your work on baby and toddler Renesmee (what a hideous name, really), it looks creepy and odd, though Mackenzie Foy is super pretty. Second, does the make-up team having trouble of getting rid exceed amount of powders? If so, give it to me instead of pouring them all on Michael Seen's face. Oh man.

Don't be mushy twihards, it's not like this is the end (rumour has it, there'll be spin off whatsoever). But, I feel like I have to criticize Meyer's answer for the never-ending love triangle. Speak of 'imprinting on' and 'destiny', this is lunatic : making Jacob falls for fast-grown Renesmee? A pedophile, really? Oh my god, can't you just kill Jacob or something? 


Breaking Dawn Part II is by far the most 'normal' compared to the other movies in the saga, though I still can't give a single and honest compliment. I mean, it is bad on very aspects. As Jane only word in the entire movie, "PAIN", this movie is the perfect fits of the term; it is pain in the ass. I'm just glad that this is over. And I really hope that the next big thing, The Hunger Games trilogy, will end up as glorious and honored as Harry Potter, because judging from the vibe, it can be another sickening and mainstream based-on-the-best-selling-novel pieces. But, I really hope that it fails my expectation, as you can see, THG movies was a complete success, and it was damn good.


Bella Cullen : "I thought we would be safe forever. But "forever" isn't as long as I'd hoped."

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