Fifty Shades Freed by EL James

July 19, 2012

Title : Fifty Shades Freed
Series : #3 of Fifty Shades Trilogy
Author : EL James
First Published : 2012
Publisher : Arrow Books
Pages : 579
Genre : romance, erotic, fiction, suspense
Extras : Fifty's First Christmas, Meet Fifty Shades
Price : £7.99 (IDR 115k)
Rating : 10/10

When Ana Steele first encountered the driven damaged enterpreneur Christian Grey, it sparked a sensual affair that changed both their lives irrevocably. Ana always knew that loving her Fifty Shades would not be easy, and being together poses challenges neither of them had anticipated. Ana must learn to share Grey's opulent lifestyle without sacrificing her own integrity or independence; and Grey must overcome his compulsion to control, and lay to rest the horrors that still haunt him. Now, finally together, they have love, passion, intimacy, wealth and a world of infinite possibilities. But just when it seems that they really do have it all, misfortune an fate combine to make Ana's worst nightmares come true.


Finally, I finished the last book of Fifty Shades trilogy. I don't believe it at first that I would enjoy this erotic trilogy (don't get me wrong, I always pass the gore sex-scene, besides, I don't know how to imagine it :p). And 50 Shades Freed, let me just say .. exceeds my expectations. 50 Shades Freed is my favorite one among those three. It has stories, cuddly and sweet romance, intense conflicts and lots of surprising twists. And surprisingly, E.L. James includes some flashbacks on the chapters which are captivating. Not to mention the epilogue and last 2 chapters in Christian's view are the best of all. Well done, James.

In this book, we follow Christian and Ana's life after wedding. Their honeymoon, their sweet escapes, less sex (less described too, thank God!), more problems, threats and dangers to face, shocking proposal, and more from Grey's past and his truly demeanor. Once again, their relationship is tested, and what's interesting -besides their super sweet and over the top romance is that we get to see Christian's ability to slowly change through unconditional love. Yes, he's still that control freak, over-react, possessive, over-protective, sexist, bossy, undoubtly sweet Christian, but he slowly becomes the 'tame' Christian, Christian who accepts Anna's touch, Anna's love and caring unconditionally. I love that changes in him; he seems to be more mature and sweeter than ever. Ana really does take a good care of him, loving him unconditionally (this thought makes me frown though, I mean, UNCONDITIONALLY; yes it's possible, but I doubt Christian's money and charm don't count). Anna herself grows more mature, tougher, more reckless (yes, she is, in fact, she's dumb and thoughtless sometimes) and more dramatic. I love how their relationship develop; it's romantic, deep and sexy, and yes, I love it. Oh, the flirty emails between them are still provided *grin*

Bottom line, I enjoyed reading Fifty Shades trilogy, all three of them, especially this. EL James somehow manages to trap us in Ana's mind; in the warmth of Christian's arm, in the spite of doubts, in her subconscious and inner-goddess, in her tough decisions, in her loving with her friends and families, all of them feel so real and they drown us into a living fantasy. 50 Shades Trilogy is worth reading, despite all the disturbing and gore sex (just skip them if you're disturbed, like me). And yes, I do recommend you to read it and I'm sure you'll love it unconditionally.

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