Don't Blink by James Patterson

July 9, 2012

Title : Don't Blink
Author : James Patterson and Howard Roughan
First Published : 2010
Publisher : Arrow Books
Pages : 484
Genre : thriller, mistery, crime
Extras : none
Price : US $9.99 (IDR 100k)
Rating : 5.5/10

Reporter Nick Daniels is conducting a once-in-a-lifetime interview with an infamous celebrity recluse in a renowned New York restaurant. But the interview is cut short by a horrific murder that takes place just yards from their table. The assassin escapes as quickly as he entered, leaving behind him a chaotic scene and a bloddy corpse. When Nick is reviewing the tapes from his interview, he stumbles upon a piece of evidence that could be crucial to the murder investigation. But something about the whole scenario doesn't fit together. As Nick investigates the clues for himself, he realises that someone is watching his every move- and they will stop at nothing to prevent Nick from discovering the truth.


To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Patterson myself though I love suspense novel which is probably Patterson's best. First word, the cover is interesting; a big bronze eye with a shadow of a man, standing tall looking directly at the eye (as it mostly describes the whole story, as being positioned primaly in Nick's point of view). The tagline itself is intriguing, "You never know who's watching". Judging from the tagline itself, we can conclude that the whole story will lead to the answer "I finally know who was watching".

Don't blink is one fast-paced thrilling novel. Boy, the 'uncountable' chapters are slightly disturbing. I know Patterson's goal is to make "New chapter, new thrill" as it goes on and on with a completely fast plot, jumping to one place to another, with every twists added; it's just work, but it somehow loses its excitement. It's like, "It'll be settled somehow". The story itself is predictable; I will say it's a crime to say that this is one mistery novel. And the prologue, does it really necessary? Building a bridge to connect the first event that leads all the way through the story? Why can't just make a huge question mark right from the beginning of the chapter? And that's the mistery only Patterson can answer. Every events somehow have to be there. I don't know how to say it properly, let's just say, it's neatly arranged, but lack of descriptions and reasons. It's like jumping to one horse to another; fast-paced, thrilling, intriguing, but no direction somehow, just let it flows until the edge. Don't Blink indeed is thrilling and satisfying, but it also disturbing by leaving a huge hole filled with empty winds, whispering "What the fuck?"

Nick is the heroine of the book. I don't know that a reporter like him can be that brave. One thing I like about Nick is that he has clear mind, not acting foolish towards everything he's up to. But hell, everything seems to be easy and prepared for him, and that my friend is a big dissapointment. And his romance with his editor is -let's just say faux. I don't believe him; I don't believe he's madly in love with that woman, even by reading some sentences I can tell their lack of chemistry. Their romance is far too predictable, not adding any excitements and heart-pounding moments in the story.

Bottom line, Don't Blink is just another Patterson's time-spender work. I can say (boldly) that I recommend you not to buy this book. Just borrow it, or download the e-book, whatsoever, cause I won't suggest you to waste couple bucks just for 3 hours ride that wasn't really memorable. And for you who wants to read Patterson's work, I recommend you to read his other books, rather than this.

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