Wrath of The Titans

April 8, 2012

Yes, I'm late for watching it, but I still wanna 'discuss' it though. I watched it today with my dad. And it's 'BEYOND EXPECTATION' .. now I'm telling you why ...

Wrath of The Titans
"Feel the wrath."

The story took place 10 years after the almighty war between Perseus (Sam Worthington) -the half man-half God and the son of Zeus- and kraken. Perseus now living peacefully as a fisherman, along with his 10 year old son, Helius, after his wife, Io passed away. Meanwhile, mankind now are stop worshiping the Gods, so the Gods are powerless now, because mankind's prayers are actually feeding their powers. And because Gods got weakened, Titan's Kronos, the father of the three strongest Gods -known as The Olympians- becomes stronger, even when he's imprisoned inside Tartarus in the underworld. Kronos tricks Hades (Ralph Fiennes), the brother of Zeus, the God of The Death and the ruler of the underworld to betray Zeus (Liam Neeson) with the help of Zeus's son, the God of War known as Ares (Edgar Ramirez) to release him from Tartarus by sucking Zeus's powers, with immortality as the rewards when he freed. Knowing that, Perseus -as commanded by Poseidon, who soon to be dead- seeks for Argenor (Toby Kebell), the demigod son of Poseidon, at Queen Andromeda's (Rosamund Pike) kingdom, to help him search 'the wasted', which was the former God of Weaponry, Hephaestus (Bill Nighy) -who made The Olympians' and the other Gods' weapons- in an island with three cyclopes guarding it. They ask Hephaestus to guard him into the heart of Tartarus, to release Zeus and to beat Kronos. What happens next? Will they make it? Watch it by yourself, no more spoilers.

damn, nobody's here, so I guess I'm all by myself :'(

what to do what to do ???!

Zeus : "You will learn someday that being half human, makes you stronger than a god."


First of all, Warner Bros, could you gimme back my 35k please? I was supposed to waste it to watch The Hunger Games, all over again, not in this piece of garbage, really. Ok, first of all, as I said before, this movie is WAAAYYYY beyond my expectation. I expected this movie to be BAD, but turns out, it was AN EPIC FAILURE. Really, why does this second movie has to come out huh?! Did the worst of the Clash of The Titans isn't enough?!

hey, release me, I wanna pee ..

damn, this hair is as annoying as Tartarus!

I would be sleeping in the studio if I wasn't holding my pee. The plot was just really slow, SOOO BORING and it makes me dizzy. Nothing's special going on in this movie (not when I watched The Hunger Games, my eyes were sparkling), it's like Jonathan Liebesman as the director was fooling us or something. It was easy to understand, but it was too easy that it came as a fool. And the effects were just garbage, I'm glad that I didn't watch it in 3D, that'd be a waste of money. It's like, "You see that Pegasus over there? Well, you can make one, by sticking fury wings onto a hourse body using a glue." And for Tartarus and Kronos? So cliche. Have you seen the cyclops in Harry Potter? And all of the actions were just too almighty for my brain, even for a damn demigod, like "HOW COME YOU HAVEN'T DIED YET?!" And for the actors and actresses, they were all just dead dolls. I mean, really, Liam Neeson, you looked like a weak old man who liked to play around with lightning. And Ralph Fiennes, you were just as flat as straightener. I guess you're better with no nose, stick with that man. For Sam Worthington, you were incredible in Avatar, but in this movie, well, you better off playing with Gods again. You were like the man of impossible which didn't make any sense for human. And your chemistry with your son, Helius, wasn't there. You were just like a cocky dad wanted to show what you were among the Gods, so that your son would go "That's my dad! That's my dad!", not for love. It just wasn't there. And for Andromeda, how could she become that strong? I mean look at her in Clash of The Titans, she was just a vulnerable flower waiting to be saved by a prince on a kraken, really. And I think Alexa who-I-don't-remember-the-name played Andromeda (in Clash of The Titans) better (and ofc, prettier) than Pike did. Well, I guess famous actors and actresses didn't help. And for the ending, JUST AS CRAPPY AS HELL. Do you remember the time when Perseus killed Kraken with a stab in its head, after the long-show of Kraken's revival?! Well, I'm gonna spoil some to you, it was the same this time. Just by throwing The Spear of Triam (a combination between Zeus’ Thunderbolt, Hades' Pitchfork, and Poseidon’s Trident) and boom, Kronos died, JUST LIKE THAT. So, all of this time, all the effort, the point of this movie was just to collect the weapons, wait until Kronos rose and throw the spare on him, and the end. Not for saving the Gods, or prevented Kronos for rising again, OR WHAT?! Damn. And the kissed between Perseus and Andromeda was just too cheesy. I know the entire movie had no romantic thingy, but the solution COULDN'T BE JUST LIKE THAT. They didn't even have the sparkle things whatsoever, and at the end, they kissed?! It was more like "Thank God, I'm alive. What to do now? Well, I think I'm just gonna kiss Andromeda, cause she looks really beautiful there, sorting maps and building strategies. Don't mad at me, Io, but oh, you're dead." FYI, in Greek Myth, Perseus are meant to be Andromeda's husband, not Io, but a lil' bit changing is usual in a movie.

I'm on fireeee!! HELP MEEE for Zeus's sake!

Well, this movie was a wreck. It just didn't make any sense, according to the original Greek Myth. I am a big fan of Greek Myth and I just can't stand to be fooled by this movie. First, Gods don't die that easily, like what happened to Poseidon. He was just getting hit by Hades's army onto some rocks and boom, he died, THAT EASILY. I mean, Gods are immortal, hello ?! They could only be killed by some weapons and by some Gods, not by fucking rocks. And the death of Kronos, it just didn't make any sense, he was very powerful, more powerful than any other Gods, before Zeus and his two brothers defeated him and locked him in the Tartarus. But again, he was getting Zeus's power, and he was just killed like that by a fucking spear? Without a fight? Damn it. It was like those Gods and creatures were just easy to be killed. You can just stab them with a knife or a sword, or just easily hit their head with a rock and boom, they dead. And in this movie, the battle was just on Kronos-Ares and Perseus-Zeus-Hades. I mean, where were the other Gods, like Hera? Artemis? They could help them fight too. And how did they get into the heart of Tartarus so easily? It just didn't make any sense, because Hephaestus was like "I designed it to be unaccessible. I put a lot of traps and a fucking confusing labyrinth." and boom, they were there, in the heart of Tartarus, without Hephaestus's guidance or even Agenor's stupid navigation. And the grounds were moving too! Just, think about thta! And what was odd : Why couldn't Agenor control his own father's Trident? But why Perseus could? And when Perseus fought Ares, when did he make that strategy with Helius to trick Ares? And man, Hades looked like a coward in this movie. He was supposed to be the God of The Death (and Wealth in Roman's), but yet he was too vulnerable, too weak, too stupid. And what did he mean by the end of the movie? Being mortal? Like, REALLY? Then, who rule Olympus? Agenor? cih. And what's even odd : those mortals weren't really amazed by the presence of Zeus and Hades, and yet, Zeus and Hades showed off their power using no weapon. In Greek myth, Gods can't be that easy to show themselves in front of mortals, even more, their powers, even more, without their weapons. That just ... unbelievable.

let's show 'em what we got!

Overall, I hate this movie. I don't recommend you to watch it in a cinema. It didn't satisfy you, just like the first movie did. It wasn't surprising or even left you with that 'OMG' face (just 'DAMN' face). Please, don't make the third movie. Don't push Helius to be as foolish as Perseus! And indeed, I DON'T FEEL THE WRATH.

dad, this sword is ugly .. I don't want it ..

Andromeda : "We may not be gods. But we do what people say can't be done, we hope when there isn't any... whatever odds we face, we prevail."

here, you have a wrinkle


Zeus : "Thank you my son."

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