April 3, 2012

All advertisers and sponsors are welcome to advertise and/ sponsor this site. Options are available below.

1. Ads
Subject to size (small-medium-large banner) and placement (right sidebar-footer). Kindly email to for options and rates.

2. Product Review
Only books are accepted. All books reviewed will not be returned.

3. Event Highlight Post/Dedicated Post
Subjects to book signing and/ movie screening. The post will be dedicated to the subjected event, containing event highlight and personal observation.

4. Giveaway Sponsor
Only movie and book related giveaways are accepted. Under some circumstances, a product review is also needed.

If you are interested, please email to for further information. All partnership will be reviewed by the owner of this site to ensure all standards in this site is met and all target audiences are satisfied. Thank you.
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