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March 22, 2012


Subject to my personal dose. Or you might as well take it as my online blabber.

Subject to (self-imposed) professionally written opinion focused on variety of issues. I write this section with puns and cut-throat analysis + sarcasm, so don't take it personally.

Subject to movie review. All the movies reviewed are subjected to Indonesia's release time. Hype and personal judgements aside, I try my best to bring you objective and easy-digested information though I can't promise you a spoiler-free review. I also do classic sometimes.

Subject to book review. The common genres picked are young adult, dystopian, romance, fiction, and classic literature. I don't keep up with the New York Times Bestseller list, but I'll try.

Subject to anything unrelated to five categories above. For example, fashion, politics, etc.


Why blogging?
Because I want my voice to be heard, not only to those around me, but to those around the world.

Who/what was your inspiration to make one?
Let's just say that everything in World Wide Web has inspired me in every ways, either blogs, websites, vlogs, all of them. And not to be hypocrite, I do wanna follow the hype.

Why named it Junebug? What's the meaning of it?
I honestly have no idea. Why Junebug? I don't know. The name just popped out of nowhere. And I was like, "It's June. I was born in June, so yeah."

Why focused on movie and book?
Since I was a child, movie and book have been a great companion for me as an only child. They also enrich me in many ways. I learned English from reading and watching movies. My intention of reviewing movies and books I have read and watched is to persuade people to get up from their couch and leave their gadgets on the table and go drown in their imagination.

You write fearlessly sometimes, with quite rude words. Don't you find it impolite?
I am sarcastic. I love twisting words. Curses are the best way to express your feelings. It's natural. If you are offended, feel free to leave. I'm expressing my thoughts, not cursing specifically. 

How long have you been blogging?
Well, to be honest, since 2007. It was on seventh grade and I had a lot of blogs, which I created and deleted, again and again. And they were cheesy, believe me

Do you blog often?
I try my best to regularly update this blog. But now, rarely.

Do you have any other blog?

What are your favorite blogs?
I honestly don't have a favorite; if I found interesting sites, I usually stalked them and then would never visit them again.

Last but not least, what's your advice to the new bloggers out there?
Well, I can't say much because I'm not that experienced as well. But you do need to follow these rules : no plagiarism, be original and of course, make your article interesting and easy to read. And filter your audiences.


How old are you?
Let's just say I'm in my early twenties.

Where do you come from?
Surabaya, Indonesia.

Where do you live now?
I'm currently residing in Vancouver, BC, Canada to pursue my graduate degree in Publishing at Simon Fraser University.

You always say that you're tall. How tall are you exactly?
5'11" (180 cm). And before you ask any further, no, I don't play basketball or do modelling. And no, my parents aren't that tall. I don't know where the gene came from, but my dad said it was his father's.

Are you Indonesian?
Born and raise.

How many languages do you speak?
Mostly Indonesian and English. I can't speak Mandarin.

What's the thing you're very good at?
Concepting, designing, editing, I seriously have no idea ... I have no solid talent. It's either 40% there, 20% there and 40% here.

What do you fear the most?
Any kind of insects. Even butterflies, if they get close enough to me. I'm also Thalassophobic.

Favorite color?

You were majoring in accounting. Why not design?
I'm a risk averse, so I'm not risking my future over my inability to draw, which of course will be a major obstacle if I decided to be in a design major.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
The CEO and the founder of a well-known publishing house based in Manhattan who owns whole-floor apartment in Upper East Side and who drives a sleek Aston Martin Vanquish. How? I have the faintest idea for now.

Well, I summed up my personality into this : Analytical, choleric-melancholic, INTJ, introverted, OCD, organised, perfectionist, rational, reserved, ruminative, thalassophobic and type A person. You can judge a lot from that.
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